undetectable is equal to negative? No! It is a sign of hope for longevity, but it is not non-reactive!

Undetectable equal to negative? They always ask me that. And I understand the problem, I know it can be complicated, but that's what I think, it would be starting a relationship with a lie and, you see! Lie… You need to start dealing with your emotions and understand that having HIV does not make you unworthy, or unworthy of […]

Undetectable viral load transmits the virus? No! And yes!

… and not. That is why I researched, and researched a lot, for years, before ratifying this, with all the reservations that I find in my intimate forum that, fortunately, are echoed in the publication that I translated and published in this post. Good reading and pay close attention to the percentages. From them my reserve and caution are born!


Most of the time, we tend to think of CD4 T cells as a type of cell. In fact, it was only in the mid-1980s that scientists began to identify several subsets with different functions. Some are important in activating macrophages and dendritic cells during initial infection, while others target immune defenses when confronted, individually, with parasitic organisms, bacteria or viruses.

HIV viral load test

HIV viral load tests and CD4 counts are done just before you start your treatment Viral load if you are on HIV treatment Your viral load should start to decrease as soon as you start treatment. Taking the right treatment every day offers the best chance of working. […]

I have HIV! HIV positive and just like having AIDS

Do I have HIV? Do I have HIV? What do I need to know? What is it? When I asked these questions I had just realized this, that “I had AIDS”. All my ignorance brought me fear and hopelessness, I lost the game before the first move! And it wasn't really a time of […]

Angel, an HIV positive woman who is not just another woman living with AIDS

This is the story of a different HIV positive woman. Angel…. Even alone, in the midst of loneliness, this HIV-positive woman did not allow herself adventures, but she was afraid, very, very, very, very afraid of the blood test!

Symptoms of HIV infection

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Symptoms of HIV infection are similar to a virus! Yes, I know, I've said it countless times! And in this “post-carnival” period, two things take shape and volume. One is that, without a shadow of a doubt, the number of cases of HIV infection grows with a greater rate of acceleration. And that […]

Undetectable viral load can only be determined by examination.

…responsibility. Having an undetectable viral load, because I remember it well, has always been what allowed me. Yes after being face to face with death, start this job. For that, you need to treat yourself, and to treat yourself, you need to test yourself. Explaining well, undetectable viral load became this goal, to be with the load […]

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