Undetectable viral load transmits the virus? No! And yes!

… and not. That is why I researched, and researched a lot, for years, before ratifying this, with all the reservations that I find in my intimate forum that, fortunately, are echoed in the publication that I translated and published in this post. Good reading and pay close attention to the percentages. From them my reserve and caution are born!

Risk of getting HIV!

What are the real risks of getting HIV in certain scenarios. People almost to infinity, within the context of the immunological window, Their real risks of having or not having “caught” HIV that go almost crazy! Often for nothing, k without any basis! Chances of getting HIV! Against All Odds: Which Ones Are Yours? in these scenarios?

Playing the HIV numbers game is less! And while the underlying ideas and messages in this article remain relevant, much HIV prevention research has been published since 2

Viral blipe led to PreEP failure
Claudio Souza

The viral blip thing. You trust a thesis, take a chance and end up showing up with one of these in full serodivergent relationship ... Everything was fine and now, no more! You will have to explain yourself to your partner, partner! What to say? "I did not expect"? Have pity right?

Getting HIV despite PrEP is far more feasible!

HIV infections despite PrEP is something that never leaves my personal radar. HIV despite PrEP is Feasible I am a person who lives with HIV and who has been a “blogger” since the age of “ball-ball” (Aunt Irene taught me this phrase! terms of […]

PrEP Access
  August 16, 2019 PrEP, an absolute must. I had a project to create an NGO (and I didn't want to be an “ongueiro”) (this was a great moment for keeping the right to silence. And they limit them where the risk is even greater and prevention is more [ ...]
Open study of PrEP in Botswana shows very high adherence exists and without HIV infections

An open pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) study with Truvada in Botswana, with heterosexual people, proved very high adherence rates. About 90% of participants had functional blood levels of the drug; there was a high agreement between self-reported adherence and serum drug levels in the study subjects; and there was no infection […]

PrEP and serodiscordant couples and violence in intimate relationships

PrEP and Serodiscordant Relationship and Abuse The researchers evaluated the relationship between partner abuse and suboptimal adherence to PrEP. Two measures were used to assess adherence: pill counts (less than 80% of doses define low adherence) and the measurement of tenofovir plasma levels.

viral load

No one with an undetectable viral load transmitted HIV in the Partner Study The second largest study to look at whether people with HIV become non-infectious if they are on antiretroviral therapy (ART) has found no cases where someone with a viral load below 200 copies / ml of HIV transmitted through anal or vaginal sex. An […]

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