undetectable is equal to negative? No! It is a sign of hope for longevity, but it is not non-reactive!

Undetectable equal to negative? They always ask me that. And I understand the problem, I know it can be complicated, but that's what I think, it would be starting a relationship with a lie and, you see! Lie… You need to start dealing with your emotions and understand that having HIV does not make you unworthy, or unworthy of […]

Undetectable viral load transmits the virus? No! And yes!

… and not. That is why I researched, and researched a lot, for years, before ratifying this, with all the reservations that I find in my intimate forum that, fortunately, are echoed in the publication that I translated and published in this post. Good reading and pay close attention to the percentages. From them my reserve and caution are born!

HIV and AIDS stigma
Claudio Souza

In general, social stigma helps to identify in society which individual had a bad reputation or who had committed some kind of crime. In sociology studies, the concept of social stigma is related to the particular characteristics of a group or individual that follow the opposite of a society's traditional cultural norms.

What is viral load test What is cd4 test
Claudio Souza

The goal of testing for viral load is simple: the fewer copies of HIV in the blood, the better. When starting treatment, viral load tests provide the baseline measurements against which subsequent tests are compared.

Each ten-fold drop in viral load is considered a fall in a trunk. For example, if the viral load drops from 50.000 copies / mL to 500 copies / mL, the patient is said to have a two-pronged drop in viral load

The life cycle of HIV. A ticking bomb

The life cycle of HIV. Understanding this life cycle, the life cycle of a virus, HIV, which threatens our own life, was and still is an important aspect of our fight against it, HIV, “human immunodeficiency virus”! By understanding these processes, we have managed to disturb these “moments” and save time. Time is an invaluable currency when fighting for life and that is what it is about. To buy time.


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