There is life with HIV
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Repeated HIV tests done by non-HIV positive people

The nightmare of the eternal immunological window and the repeated HIV tests are always unreactive and never accepted!

Repeated HIV tests! Repeated and repeated HIV tests! How to approach seronegative individuals for HIV, without risky behavior, who repeatedly seek health services to perform HIV serology?

If I could, I would catch you who do repeated and repeated tests for HIV by the Ear and say: you don't have HIV!

Repetidos testes de HIVThe trait common to these individuals experienced, in fact, something that makes them consider themselves under the risk of contamination. The fear of contamination stems from something real!

Like the past existence of risky behavior! In fact, a moment of vulnerability!

Or even a string of vulnerabilities!

And in others, sometimes this fear comes from fantasies or even delusions and hallucinations.

All this results in an intense sense of guilt.

And this could only be appeased by the presence of HIV infection, which would mean punishment.


Repeated HIV tests E This representation of HIV / AIDS as punishment is part of the social imaginary surrounding AIDS.

And People Repeat HIV Tests

And a great burden of responsibility on this stigma, it rests on the back of these three thousand damn “spiritual guides”, who said that AIDS it was God's vengeance ”. As if God were a ridiculous kind of "purple sovereign" rewarding those who win a championship of adulation, crap!

In fact, these people, being unable to be God, attributed their ills to God, and in this case I go to wickedness, perversity, cruelty. Mauricio, my brother, who betrayed me and who despite this I love, but never, NEVER, will never hear from me again, had a very interesting speech, which I apply below:

- "Some people think, he said, that when they were born, they threw the child away, and created the placenta".


Test yourself and retest yourself! Always Don't react! But he has the hyperbolic way of speaking, just like me.

This thing of expressing yourself with exaggerated numbers, and I can't say if ten, thirty thousand, six million or four!

What he says is that the owner of the laboratory, an odd soul, talked to her (all this is something I heard) and she stopped.

What I see in the “money is worth” is a forum with a button to make an appointment!

I think this is quite different from what my friend recounts. the SUS test is reliable, just one after thirty days and, no, you're not an X-Man! The tests work with you.


I once was a fool and considered judges and judges naturally incorruptible.

Until you see "Lalau". 🐶

I do not generalize! I know there are honest, honest people!

Otherwise, harakiri would be better, right?

But today, I believe in incorruptibility, not anymore !!!

Power, said the Character Wise, attracts the worst and corrupts the best!

But… in this social construction, derived from the difficulty in dealing with sexuality.

And so, with the duality of sexuality, the AIDS was initially characterized as a disease of homosexuals.

Then, in a second moment, it became associated with social groups considered transgressors! Marginalized to society, as sex workers, homosexuals, transvestites, drug users.

The Plague, The Punishment, The Revenge, the unmasking of the damned sinners

AIDS, as a disease, is characterized as contagious, incurable and deadly, which is why it takes the very metaphor of the plague.

The plague itself, the wrath of God, with the function of unmasking and punishing, all those who dared to transgress social norms.

Now, although we know that AIDS can reach all individuals, this meaning subsists in the social and personal imaginary.

Surrounded by these social representations, the fear of contamination acquires a status of certainty in the subject's psychic dynamics! And even as time passes and the person does not progress to AIDS, and not bringing opportunistic infections, and these, not swollen and swollen lymph nodes, are AIDS defining illness the person does not wake up !!!!!

They accept any lie or ambiguity written in “medical consultation sites”With an ambiguously ethical yet strategic button for making an appointment!

Desires, Taras, Curiosities and Risk Behavior! Who Did not Have It?

Take a good look at what perspective I talk to you about:

If I were a doctor, a scientist, a healthcare professional, be it physical, emotional, psychological or psychic I would have to tell you:

Preserve your sexual and reproductive health at all costs! Always keep a guard on this.

But I am the person who lived in the “post-sexual revolution” and “liberation of customs that came on the crest of the Woodstock wave, the pill and all the things you can discover on Wikipedia, elsewhere and elsewhere!

And I, whether I like to admit it or not, contracted HIV, perhaps in the second half of the 80s. Who knows, in the first half of the 90s! I don't know, there would be a lot to conjecture and, when I tried to do the "traceback" I found my "face" in so many dead ends that I gave up!

It remained for me to conclude that “the thing was with me”, and I told this to a friend when “F” and “S” appeared unreacted.

Your world is probably quite different, especially if you were born after the 80s. And even more so if you were born in "00" or "ball-ball"! ... (...).

The world is different and every teenage pregnancy is a disaster, we know, because there are many of us who bear these burdens, burdens and how many girls, sometimes girls of 12, 13 and 14 years old, paid with the loss of housing for one error! And, think with me:

A pregnancy is the result of at least one unprotected relationship and, unlikely or not, contagion occurs in "a simple and solitary sexual relationship".

And if it is true what follows in the paragraph below and to the end of the text, it is also true that, intimately, you know, or have come to know, afterwards the risk.

Or I wouldn't be on this blog 😀😖. So, if you went through the risk, went through the immune window and got the non-reagent, stop looking for hair in eggs, take care of this point ahead and keep your lesson. Many, millions, did not have this opportunity!

What is at stake is the outbreak of unconscious desires repressed until then, considered prohibited, and are, therefore, sources  of anguish and intense conflicts.

In order to get rid of anguish and feelings of guilt, this subject may unconsciously put himself in risky situations and even become contaminated.

And I Cláudio Souza, I've seen it, the person searches until they find it! 😓😓😓

This functioning can exist with different specificities in the various psychic structures.

It is essential that all these individuals be referred for psychological and psychotherapeutic evaluation, and if necessary psychiatric monitoring.

I seek to offer the support of my experience through What'sApp For Recognizing That They Are People Who, Like Me, Experienced and Experienced Vulnerabilities

But it was so painful for me, that I choose, and I can not explain the criteria I use to decide, and I think I'll reopen it later this week.

I tried it today, but the plugin caused problems and I had to disable it.


Look, readers, visitors, multipliers, readers of occasion. I would have no words to thank for the trust, the presence many times daily, the collective effort to relay the knowledge, that shows your confidence in me!

In my work, in my efforts!

Thank you so much!

But in the end, your repeated non-reactive HIV tests and the eternal immune window make me so sad for you!


There is life with HIV!

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