There is life with HIV
COVID-19 and HIV

COVID-19 The Virus that besieged Humanity

COVID-19, or “the new coronavirus”, appeared like that, without another one, in China in November 2019! And it quickly spread across the world! Contrary to what he thinks (…) our president-elect (I respect the ballot box) he has not acted like the virus of a “cold” (sic).

And no, Mr Jair Bolsonaro, time does not show that you are right in relation to COVID-19. It is quite the opposite. You are wrong and it is very sad to see the man who runs my country, the country where I was born, in which I wish to die and be cremated, so that my ashes are scattered afterwards, has been under the command of a man who turns a deaf ear to the science. As a famous thinker of the 80s used to say in the mouth of luxury, I have this hope: Time will tell!

Time will tell what COVID-19 will have represented to us one day

Time will tell…

Too bad, Mr. President and Mr. Philosopher, I didn’t have THIS ILLUSTRATION made by Toninho who, today, I miss so much!

A friend like no other, this is the truth!

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