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someone asked me if I had freaked out because I talked about having a long life while living with HIV! He already knows what it is like to have HIV! Longevity was the subject of a quick conversation and an audio statement that I still need to change my voice to depersonalize. This friend has his dreams there, and among them is to live to be one hundred and thirty years old.

It popped up in my head.

After finishing this paragraph I will get the code for embedding a great video by Pedro Calabrês.

Long Life and HIV

HIV-positive Sex Life - The Nutz And Bolts


Angel, an HIV positive woman who is not just another woman living with AIDS

This is the story of a different HIV positive woman. Angel…. Even alone, in the midst of loneliness, this HIV-positive woman did not allow herself adventures, but she was afraid, very, very, very, very afraid of the blood test!

Pituca & Wolf

Pituca & Wolf

Diagnosed With HIV? People living with HIV can be happy

Diagnosed with HIV? People living with HIV can be happy. And, even more so today. I did things differently than what you are seeing, but I do not fully agree with the idea that young people have become apathetic to the HIV epidemic. I'll talk about that again at another time. What […]

Amawilis and at such a time to tell that I have HIV

[su_dropcap style = ”flat” size = ”5 ″] Y [/ su_dropcap] or Seropositive! Yes! I have HIV! Just say just that. A mere detail, and everything is distorted…. História My story is simple and common. I was infected by my ex-husband eight years ago. I am asymptomatic and I only discovered the virus in 1999. The separation happened in 1992. I Create No More Links. Find out that […]

This is the first editorial of Soropositivo.Org

December XNUMXst: A Day of Struggles In the year two thousand, in August, I created this site, Soropositivo.Org and, to give the impression that there was “a team working” I ended the greeting with “the whole team” . The fact is that there was not, at the time, and there was not, until today, a "team". Here there is a […]

Syphilis, cupid's disease of 100 years ago is coming back

The return of syphilis is, according to my intellectual position, a "thing" more than expected! The last thing a person can think about me is that I am a conservative. Cross creed three times! Libertarian to the extreme I have been, as long as it does not involve children or animals, people generate me like this […]

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