There is life with HIV

My publications in Seropositive.Org are closed here.

I'm a DJ (we'll see this later) and an IT professional, working in the area since 1996. It was the way I managed to try to re-enter the job market after being diagnosed positive for HIV. Why reinsert me? Well, 33% of the Brazilian workforce refuses to work alongside a person living with HIV. They say, next to "a person like that". Reading is believing:

Although I learned a lot about maintaining, building and configuring Windows computers, it didn't guarantee my permanence in the job market.

In 1997 I met Mara.

Initially a friend.

Then a flirting.

Later, the woman of my life!

She suggested to me, in late 1998, that I learn how to make websites. At that time it was a good, excellent idea, in fact, I was able to live an excellent professional time, despite some people, and companies, who never had to write a Function in PHP or ASP, and not even develop an entire database in MYSQL , often faltered with the facts when honoring their part in the contract.

In 1999 I started studying HTML. My purpose was to work with website creation and maintenance. Blog wasn't even a concept. During the apprenticeship, I developed a website, Soropositive.Org. Today, a blog.

Encerram-se aqui minhas publicaçõs em Soropositivo.Org, Blog Soropositivo.Org With this site, I received support, for 18 months, from Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs, in the eagerness of founding an NGO that would work on the inclusion of people in the labor market. It was 2002 and while aid was plentiful, the people, and the markets, were not open to the idea of ​​creating sectors or hiring people living with HIV into their ranks. They are not mostly open today, forty years after the discovery of the epidemic, on the way to the third decade of the XNUMXst century, what about those days? In this way, I failed in the execution of the project, especially the fact that I tried as hard and as I could.


The Blog received awards. I highlight, among many, the Top Blog 2013/2014, in the category Health, “blog”, by the academic jury. Besides my work, the only one to receive this award was “Solidariedaids”, by Paulo Giacomini, an activist in the virtual and real world, with much more experience and achievements than me. It is an honor to be with him on this level. And the greatest honor is knowing that only he, and I, have achieved this. Unfortunately Paulo, very busy, had to leave the “blog” aside. A feather. However, this leaves Soropositivo.Org as the Only Blog, “still online” with this distinction and with such longevity.

TAZ Recognition


In 2013 it was awarded the Best Blog in the Health category by the Academic Jury.

The site has been translated into 103 languages ​​since 2012, in partnership with Gtranslate.

With around 630 pages published and over 4000 archived, I'm not afraid to say that this is by far the largest database on the history of HIV/AIDS, studies and research in Brazilian Portuguese in the hands of a natural person.

Perhaps even from a legal entity. With the exception of ESPM which, through the person of Maria Elisabete Antonioli He invited me to an interview in which, I repeat, I had the best treatment I've received in my life, as an interviewee, side by side with the time I was interviewed by Astrid Fontanelle. It's a shame not to have the video of this interview.

Tentar saber se tem HIV com Base em sintomas
These people were wonderful to me. They treated me with dignity and not a syllable, even if it was poorly pronounced, was edited.

Now I am closing my publications. I don't close the "blog", I close my publications, because I believe that, at least during this year of 2021, the news(s) that I have to publish is (are) the effective vaccine against HIV and a cure not roguish and as risky of HIV infection, or AIDS, as the one that cured Tim Brown. Extremely risky process in which one out of every five people who try, actually manages to survive and, as far as I've followed, no one has gone through it and lived long enough to prove the cure.

To Anonymous

I thank the people who, even without having great possibilities, helped me to solve economic problems in the “mister” of maintaining the “blog”.

And, in particular, to two companies.

A Braslink, which housed the “blog” since August 1, 2000, making the site possible until 2005.

And the Automattic and, who kept the “blog”, free of charge between 2013 and 2020, in the best plan, with the best support I've ever received with an almost unbelievable 100% UpTime! Yes, Blog Soropositive.Org was never “without a network” while on the servers of these companies due to errors or problems in servers.


To Beto Volpe

Volpe. Your help at certain points along the way didn't help maintain the blog. The help, yours, came when I entered the “Salinha do UOL”, I believe in 1996. I'm not sure. However, I'm sure, often your good spirits fed mine, when mine waned from hunger, doubt, fear and loneliness, without friends, because not everyone, not always.

Beatriz Pacheco

Encerram-se aqui minhas publicaçõs em Soropositivo.Org, Blog Soropositivo.Org


To love:



For the idea, for the support, for the tips, for everything, in the field of work on this “blog”.


Encerram-se aqui minhas publicaçõs em Soropositivo.Org, Blog Soropositivo.Org

to friend

Toninho (Requistace In Pace), thanks for the almost gutting critiques you threw at me. His hand is in the 2013 trophy, as in so much else since 1982, without a doubt.

Anyway, these are two very important pillars in this work and, I'm sure, the people who aren't being mentioned know my gratitude, just as I know they don't want to be mentioned.


I start another “blog”, another work, much more personal and much less connected to my HIV status in a few weeks and I've already started the path towards the realization of a dream, my return to command of the dance floors.


I'm not a DJ. I'm an animator and I'm waiting for you, all of you, in some sound booth, after this madness, COVID-19, ends.


I need equipment, I need a lot of things. It's nothing I can't achieve in two years, considering that, for twenty-one years, I was able to create this Blog and leave this certainty marked on the Web:


“There is Life with HIV” and Resilience is a daily construction.

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