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What does seropositive mean

And yet, do you think this expression is concerned? It was a photo "beaten to betrayal by Mara

What does it mean to be HIV positive? In our context, it was tacitly accepted that HIV positive is someone who has HIV. And, tacitly, it was also determined that being HIV positive can also represent someone who has AIDS. Like me!

Seropositive is a much broader and broader term, as positive serology will always be the result of an examination for any infectious agent that may be residing in your blood serum, that's what, in medicine, it is about.

Positive serology (seropositive) will always be that reference to a certain infection as, to better contextualize, a person who is reactive in a serological examination for the detection of COVID-19 will be seropositive for the new corona virus. In this 2020 this serology, for COVID-19, has been much more frightening!

HIV or AIDS What is the difference.

As much as I can understand the difference, at that moment when the person is there, with me (WhatsApp) and I find myself facing that whirlwind of words, fears, “symptoms” and even though I try very hard, I don't think I can be a better design for this blog user to explain better.

Or there is!

Part of that is staying away and let Beto do this job. And to help him in this work, I think I was able to find something that helps people to have a little more light.

I understand the fear, the anguish. I am able to stop here, climb a tower and look back, before my serological awareness.

And what I see there was a boy, silly, ecstatic with his own professional placement and his more than ambiguous achievements ...

But I also see my ignorance. And that's why I offer this text, in an effort to lighten this dark room:

… HIV or AIDS What is the difference?

Would you make love to an HIV positive person? Well, I could lie and say yes, I would make love to an HIV-positive girl. Just not…

I didn't even think about it and every time someone fell in the trap, it was my vision of that moment, I thought :

"Ufa"! "Phew I didn't go out with her"! And I believed it would always be like that, because I didn't know what it means to be HIV positive.

If you look closely at my testimonial, the first one, I put the link already, all those fears of mine were, in some way inarticulate, or very articulate some would say, my own prejudice against a group of people who, in fact, just want to live. 


COVID-19. Read, it's important!

All that came after was life, it was learning. The other day I was talking quickly with my spiritual mentor, she in Alagoas and I Here in Sampa I told him, and this, reader, is just for me:

… The best thing that could have happened in my life was a positive HIV diagnosis. And she, without jumping:

- "What a joy to see that you got to see it like this".

There is a video of me on the fan page, but it is after XNUMX am and I have no more, organically ”, how to go there and look for it. I will put it here, even after it is published. What doesn't look like the owner is stolen, my Aunt Geni taught. 

Decades gone by

Decades have passed since o HIV was discovered for the first time, and people still use the terms HIV and AIDS as synonyms. However, AIDS and HIV are not the same, and mixing the terms can be very misleading.

What does it mean to be HIV positive? Well, you need to understand the difference between having HIV and being sick with AIDS is straightforward.

O HIV is a virus! In my way of seeing and communicating, while you are living "alone" with HIV you are suffering from nothing more, nothing less, than a condition known as "virus"!

The work we have to do is exactly this:

Testing ourselves for HIV if we have had one or more unprotected relationships, using injecting drugs - look, I don't see the slightest bit of fun in drugs, but if you think you have to use it,  please do this without using needles, syringes and other vestments of your use and just your use. Anyone who sees a face cannot discern it. You can't see “just by looking” !. Like this:

- "Yeah, this guy doesn't have AIDS". Why you can't know. So, here we come, in the definition of what AIDS is:

 AIDS it is a definition. And it is not a question of "mere semantics". Follow me through the text, please.

You can't have AIDS without being infected with HIV. However, people can live long and healthy lives with HIV without ever developing AIDS. 

Defining HIV

HIV means “human immunodeficiency virus“. In other words, it is a virus that infects humans and causes problems with the immune system.

The immune system is our bodies' army to fight disease.

Diseases that can have many different causes and that will always be confronted with determined attacking troops (in Chess, the best defense is the attack) to expel those invaders or, differently, to neutralize aggressive substances that can lead us to a bad condition and, if nothing is done, the body will have no way to proceed and then ... |

Well, you know ...

This system consists of a variety of cells and specialized proteins, such as antibodies. In total, the immune system works together to fight bacteria, viruses and other agents that cause disease and poisoning.

It is often an Internal War and this is normal!

O que significa soropositivo, Blog Soropositivo.Org There are many diseases that our defense troops are unable to eliminate completely, as they do not know the ways to combat these aggressors.

And, yes, they are vaccines that we receive throughout life, or for years and years in a row, to keep these defensive systems in flap and “well informed” about what these attackers look like now.

The great part of this process also depends on our CD4 cells to mount this response, informing the organism which are the invaders. They command our immune response.

This is the "Q" of the thing.

Diagnosing HIV

HIV is diagnosed through HIV testing. A person who has been infected with the virus is considered HIV positive, or a reagent. If there is no evidence of infection, they are considered HIV negative, or non-reactive.2

It is possible that tests will fail in the case of new infections, and this is a very simple concept, the truth is that immune window is thirty daysat most, with a few more explanations, which should remain about the care of health professionals.

But HIV's definition of what it means to be HIV positive is relatively simple. You are either infected with the virus or you are not. Understanding AIDS it is a little more complex. But it is important that you understand, right now, that AIDS does not manifest itself so quickly, just after contracting HIV. It is a long and time-consuming process, silent and hidden in your defensive system; at least five years (isn't it Sinhá Violeta? I trust your common sense, know this!).

Definition of AIDS

Sou soropositivo e sou um caso de AIDS.
And yet, do you think this expression is concerned? It was a photo “beaten to betrayal by Mara

AIDS means “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome” - If we loved our language AIDS would be AIDS. The AIDS diagnosis is a way of describing a whole group of symptoms and diseases associated the damage that HIV causes the immune system.





When you ask, or ask yourself:

What does seropositive mean?

Well, you got the big deal. If you have HIV, you test yourself, within the correct period of the immunological window and you get a non-reactive result, please! Really cool! For you, with all the blunders and slips, have not yet contracted HIV! And this would be a great time to reflect, understand that God can get tired of his stubbornness in error, in carelessness, IN YOUR SELF-LOVE, and end up deciding that this is your last hesitation. One day, reader, reader, the house falls, as it fell for me!

And think with me, in my case, I, Cláudio Souza had a multitude of opportunities to give a "full stop ”, do one, ten, 50 thousand reflections and stop that day. that “lucky moment”

Make Yourself Destiny

You know, I was talking to one of these people who is looking for me on the What'sApp, explaining to him that his window has passed, and that his tests are final. I explained to him that no disease is punishment! May God not punish! He educates! And I dare say that today I am better educated than I have ever been in the last 38 (thirty-eight) years. I was brought up on the streets, a brat left the house, scared to death to get even more from old Souza, my father.

The street has no friendly ways to help, and usually it teaches with strokes, but strokes different from those of slippers, belts or steel cables. Yes, he had bought one of these!

Fortunately I was able to understand him, even weeks before he left

Well, I've traveled a lot here; and an untreated HIV infection progresses, O que significa soropositivo, Blog Soropositivo.Org there is continuous damage to the contingent of immune defense cells, CD4 cells die and are responses, but they continue to die and be replaced until, for a reason that I, Degas here, have not yet been able to understand, until, as this happens , the body becomes less and less able to replace cells or fight infections. 

When the immune system becomes less effective that way, a person is considered to have a acquired immune deficiency. This set of symptoms and signs is known as


“Syndrome” which, by definition is:

Feminine noun

  1. 1.Syndrome
    set of signs and symptoms (syndrome) observable in several different pathological processes with no specific cause.
You can confirm this setting here.

Once you already know what IS a syndrome and have received a basis "from the rest", maybe you can try to understand better that your fear is just fear, based on misinformation you already know the origin of the term AIDS and that is, yes, a serious question of semantics for those who test every holy month, holy week and holy day!

Diagnosing AIDS in the Age of Opportunistic Infection

Individuals with advanced HIV disease are susceptible to infections that do not appear in people with a healthy immune system.

In fact, HIV and AIDS were initially recognized because of outbreaks of rare diseases and cancers that had not previously been seen in large numbers in the United States. These infections are known as opportunistic infections because they take advantage of an HIV-positive individual's weakened ability to fight disease. In other words, they are opportunists. Some diseases considered opportunistic infections for the purpose of diagnosing AIDS.3They include:

AIDS can be diagnosed if someone is HIV positive and has a specified opportunistic infection.

As treatments for HIV improved, opportunistic infections became less common. Some people can live a long life with HIV without ever developing an opportunistic infection.

So, what does it mean to have AIDS today?

It is said that a person has AIDS instead of simply being HIV positive, when both are true. First, you need to have an HIV infection. Second, they must either have one of the diseases in the specific group that are designated as opportunistic infections. Or, even, the number of types specific of cells in your immune system must fall below a certain level (a blood count CD4 less than 200 cells / mm³) Note that none, complete blood count can define CD4 cell fall.

That is why AIDS is considered a definition.

It's not as simple as looking for a virus. AIDS requires that the patient meets several objective (and variable) criteria for diagnosis.

AIDS is not the necessary result of infection with a pathogen. Can or not occur in someone with HIV. In contrast, HIV infection is sufficient for an HIV diagnosis. This is true whether or not someone has symptoms or negative effects of the virus. 


Having HIV, being HIV positive, does not always mean AIDS

Not all people with HIV will develop AIDS. In fact, as treatment improves, fewer and fewer HIV-positive people will develop AIDS. This is because the virus can usually be kept under control with appropriate medication. When the virus is suppressed, people can live with HIV indefinitely without reaching immunodeficiency.

 They can live their lives normally without ever developing AIDS

We talked about HIV prevention, because it is a virus that can be transmitted. Transmission can be prevented through safe sex and other practices that protect people from exposure to potentially infected blood and body fluids. In contrast, discussions about AIDS prevention are really discussions about HIV treatment. It is keeping the virus under control that prevents the development of the syndrome.

Life is more than your diagnosis.

Understand this and face

People can live with HIV for many years without developing AIDS or any symptoms of HIV infection. Highly effective treatment options are increasingly available. Many people with HIV live long, healthy lives without any signs of immune system dysfunction. 

For there to be life with HIV you have to test yourself and treat yourself!

However, proper treatment is essential for the long-term health and well-being of people with HIV. The treatment also reduces the likelihood that someone will transmit the virus to someone new.

The importance of early and appropriate treatment means that it is critical for anyone at risk to get tested for HIV regularly. Without the test, people can be infected for years without ever knowing it. Unfortunately, even if a person does not know they are infected, they can still transmit the virus to others through unprotected sex. They can also transmit HIV through other risk behaviors which directly expose others to blood, semen, breast milk and other potentially infectious body fluids. 

However, HIV is not transmitted by casual contact.
Look. Positive serology for HIV or AIDS, at a certain moment can be quite scary. But look, I'm not afraid anymore! Not for the past 10 years. Live one day at a time and that will be all good

And I reinforce. There is life with HIV
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Translated by Cláudio Souza do Site da Verywell Health.
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