HIV positive
What does it mean to be HIV positive? Being HIV positive means you have signs of the presence of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in your body, signs that are discovered through an HIV test. There are approximately 1,2 million people living with HIV in the United States today, and 14% of them (one in seven) do not know [...]
PrEP failure happens

Eighty to ninety-six percent coverage is, for me, an insane Russian roulette! And I insist: there are other STDs, there is a risk of teenage pregnancy, unplanned, complicated and, we know, girls who get pregnant at school age, rarely go back to school! There are many risks and, as Guilherme Arantes says, take care of yourself, never to lose this wide laugh and this sympathy on your face

Do I have HIV?
Do I have HIV? How can I know? The question, for those living with HIV, has obvious answers. But, it is a fact ... the person who has HIV has been through this, through doubt and knows that the issue has become almost existential for many. This, due to the ignorance of many facts that, even, make the nightmare of the [...]

I received this text and lost it among my things, sometimes it happens. I apologize for the delay in publishing

This question: I have HIV is only surpassed, nowadays by another: am I with COVID? Well, the central theme of this blog is HIV and, therefore, I try to improve things by clarifying this question, with the text below that starts like this:

60-day HIV immune window

Immune Window is the period necessary for an organism to develop defenses, antibodies, against a specific aggressor. In the case of this text, we seek to answer this question from the general public:

Is the Immune Window of 30 to 60 days reliable?
As you will see, the answer may be a yes or a no, since there are factors to be considered!

Acute HIV infection

Acute HIV infection, or primary HIV infection, is the initial stage of the human immunodeficiency virus and lasts until the body creates antibodies against the virus. It develops and after a period that can be 2 to 4 weeks after someone contracts HIV. It is also known as primary HIV infection or acute retroviral syndrome. During this initial stage, the virus is multiplying at a rapid rate.

Does Oral Sex Pass HIV?

It takes responsibility for that. If you stop to think, if you have someone, I went out with someone else, remember? I will kiss my wife / husband, on the mouth, after…

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