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Immune Window

Immunologic window. A time that is not eternal, but some people live it like this !!!

Hello everyone who accompanies me and you, who may be arriving here for the first time! Be welcome!

I spent time, getting in the Theme Forest, templates and tools for a better use of the blog and, even a little further ahead, make the blog a little more accessible. What you are seeing on the first page is the best I have for this moment. And I need eight to ten days to finish the job. The website itself is functional. But I'm having trouble configuring the home page, so I created this one. But I don't think this is the best solution. I ask and thank you for your patience!


My experience as a person with HIV who maintains an HIV / AIDS prevention and information website.

And yet, perhaps it is my intention, the page offers support and answers to questions about HIV and AIDS. But my experience has shown me that nothing is more painful, suffered and distressing than the “immunological window thing”.

The terrifying fear in front of the immune window to misinformation the perverse information and bad information

People came to me, via whatsapp, with appalling fears and "information" ranging from lies to debauchery and debauchery to sadism.

If I were Frank Castle, I would dedicate a part of my days to these people's "quest."

Sadism and debauchery in the issue of the Immunological window

Fortunately, for these people, I am not Frank Castle… (…)….

I, Claudio Souza, try to orientate the best way on immunological window in the Soropositivo.Org.

Do you know what the maximum is? A person, after months, months and months of being heard by me, who said “N” times to me:

- "I just wanted to talk to a doctor who would explain it to me and I would understand" ...

-"I just want"….

-"I just"….

Because I'm an idiot who worries about other people's pain, I moved from here to there, from there to here and got each one of these wants from her and, nothing, she never accepted the truth, which is that she doesn't have HIV ”. And to put her cherry on top of my cake she said:

- “You know Cláudio, 'you are privileged' because I don't believe in this thing with an immune window”!

If you can not understand what you read, it says that I am privileged because I have HIV and I am under treatment. I ask you, who accompanies my day to day if I deserve to read something like that?

Because, since then, I have kept my spiritual gaze fixed on the great and fatal amount of pills and pills I have here, wait for the breach, take everyone and see, there, how it is to die of OD. Because of malstratos. well, I've had many, and for now, this edition in the text of this category is all that I will do, because, for the truth, what I most want is for God to say:

- "Alright my Son, I screwed up with you and expected more from you than was right, come back to me"!

They want to know, he will not do it! Not today and certainly not tomorrow, and this expectation of more 48 hours of life despairs me

Anyway, everything I can collect about window period and put it here, I do it in the eagerness to mitigate suffering.

And more clearly today, Monday, after midnight, I found myself faced with a novelty and I am always seeking to update myself on what I hear or see in a serious source of information.

Vis Pacem, To belum

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