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OTG (On The Go) device for your smarth phone


The OTG Device (On the Go) is an access bridge between your Android device and other devices that would improve the functionality of your Smarth Phone.

For example. In the current scenario, of social isolation, many children have to study at home and the computer is not a device that is, unfortunately, available to everyone. And typing essays, school assignments or even taking exams can be quite difficult, tiring and far more prone to errors than I would like it to be.


With this device you can install a keyboard to the “mini-USB” port on your Smarth Phone and use it without the need for any other configuration. Going further, if you have a small “HUB-USB”; please do not install more than two devices on the port of your Smarth Phone, except in cases of extreme need and, even so, for the shortest possible time, you could install the keyboard, a mouse and, if necessary, even a pendrive or External HD!

The limits are your imagination, possibilities and common sense.

It is a very useful device and yes, you will find it at lower prices at Mercado Livre and Kabum, for example.

But I will not have the opportunity to cooperate with our work, acquiring in these places and, yes, all the values ​​earned in the Blog Store GO TO THE BLOG.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 10x10x5 cm


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