There is life with HIV

look! There is life with HIV

Oxygen. What is it like to be without him?

Oxygen can make you really, really miss...

You know, guys, I was remembering here.
In 2012, in the month of October, I believe that in October, after a stomach reduction surgery, I got complicated.
I had my second pulmonary embolism. Yes, second. I still remember her first moments, where I looked for air, oxygen, everywhere, and I couldn't find it.

It was my mistake. I thought I didn't need extra oxygen

I had the damn oxygen mask on my face and therefore I felt fine! And so, I took off my mask, got up, decided, to go to the bathroom.
Yes, the decision was delayed seconds after I stood up. The air ran out and, to improve, I couldn't find the mask.
When I saw it, it was in the hand of a bastard who, seeing me asking for it, withheld it.
I didn't know what to do, didn't have the strength to take it, but he gave it to me.

I had to think

Something in me told me that “I couldn't miss my hand”. That I needed to initiate breathing movements exactly, or I wouldn't have another chance to get the precious oxygen!

And I waited. A few seconds, it's true. But to me they sounded like eternity. Then, at the exact moment I thought it was right, I put the mask on and breathed so deeply, I was surprised! Never, I don't remember, had never taken so much air in one breath. And held it. I counted. … Eight, nine, ten… and I let out all the air…
I retraced the movement, still standing... the same surprise... no, I already knew "that was it", and the count... nine... ten... expired
Again: … I exhaled and as I began to inhale, I slowly lay down and saw nothing else… for a while…

Mara Account

She didn't see panic, agitation, anything. Just the surprising calm.
Hours later I woke up on a stretcher, with a technician doing ultrasonic analysis on me and I asked him, straight away:

- "I will die"? And the #¿$?%!¡ damn replied:
- "I think so"! And I think. No, it won't be this time. And I did.
Externally. Inside me, the fight went on, I struggled through the air, searching for each oxygen molecule painfully, desperate with fear for the risk of obtaining enough of them for a few more minutes.
Because, friends, friends, that's what life is all about. An endless succession of miracles that somehow buy us some time, usually a few minutes, until the next miracle, the next negotiation, the next agreement.

No agreement? Danced!

Life is like this. And death too. It distresses me to know that, in Manaus, there was a lack of oxygen and that, in sampa, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, everywhere, the supply of oxygen is in the spotlight. I've already had two pulmonary embolisms, I know how it is and, seriously, anyone who goes out into the streets without a mask, “believing to be soft”.

Well, I wish you luck.
Because, amici, I saw the face of death, and she was wearing a handkerchief over my mouth and nose.

Don't Think It Can Be Easy

If you don't know what this is, great! I hope you continue like this. But if I have to cheer and choose between you, who selfishly take to the streets, without a mask, while your family members stay at home, then have the decency to make the right choices, at the uncertain times... Because for your life to be great is an inalienable good, but it deserves it more, in my humble opinion, whoever struggles to preserve it, in front of anyone else!
Because, I reiterate, there is life with HIV.

But without oxygen, only anaerobes from the underwater environment. However, well, this is another matter…

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