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, Paranóia – um anônimo, Blog SoropositivoI come through so many doubts about this HIV disease, today with so many resources in the world it is not possible that they cannot end this HIV monster so feared by everyone, I think the authorities of the world turn a blind eye to HIV, even having treatment with specific drugs with side effects on several people, but I believe that one day they ended up with this monster.

I'll tell you a little of my story so many questions and so much distrust with medicine.

My question is does it even know the time to take the exam?
Is there is acute?
Quick test reliable?
Will they all be examining CTAs in São Paulo Elisa h1 and h2 are 4th generation?
On January 25, 2015 I had a risky relationship with a 16 year old girl, mother of an 8 month old child, I know it was a mistake for me to be exposed in this situation, but come on… After that act in the month of in march i had a candidiasis on the penis my throat got infected i felt a lot of headache like sinusitis and a pain in the chest.

I went on the CTA on 28 March to take and pick up another I had done when I took the role of the previous swarm got the news that he had syphilis, health worker made another collection for all sexual disease, all types of hepatitis, syphilis and HIV HIV 1 2, went to get my swarm after 20 days already an appointment with a urologist, I was afraid I took the result to my happiness HIV was negative, but tested positive for syphilis.

I underwent the treatment and, today, I can't donate more blood because I still have a serological scar in my blood and that is for the rest of my life ...

Even though my diagnosis of HIV negative did more 4 quick test and another Elisa with 5 months of the relationship that gave non-reactive + once.

But me and my partner has the same symptoms we will first:

First hand and dry feet… Here comes the rest:

Neck pain, sinusitis attacked every day, blurred vision, direct red eye, there were also some red spots on my hand and on my chest, abdominal pain, many sneezing more in the morning, in my hand it formed like some calluses and fingers are peeling with dryness… So that's it, I think that with so many negatives, it will be that for a serology for more than 7 months kkkkk, these are things that disturb me daily, all the time…

I take the metro in the morning and look at people's hands to see if what I have is normal and, if I see someone with hands like mine I go ask if the person has HIV, it's so much disturbance in my head kkkkk.

I come to thank VC who created this blog for those who are desperate like me, I know there are many, excellent work, this guy congratulations, thank you for clarifying my doubts, your experience is fundamental. Thank you for everything. hug

Support the work. Or it will eventually disappear. The links lead to the websites of these banks, the most important! Support a job that seeks to support you!

Support the work. Or it will eventually disappear. The links lead to the websites of these banks, the most important! Support a job that seeks to support you!

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  1. Romulo You say...

    Man, the story is impressive. I have exactly the same things, plus more.
    I have already repeated all tests at 1 year old and it was not reactive, but my health is getting worse.

    Even red spots, dry skin, water in the neck and armpits, very foamy urine, swollen feet and now a dry cough for about two months. Weight loss very fast.

    1. Claudio Souza You say...

      Rômulo this person disappeared without a trace and I have no idea what direction his life took.

      You declare that you have the same signs, sometimes the symptoms, the same everything.
      it stems from the fact that you all drink water from the same source, the source of disinformation!

      And you all have all the symptoms.

      There is a person to whom I have told certain aspects of my personal life, related to HIV infection that only a person like me, with more than 20 years of HIV infection could present!

      And, miraculously, she has them!

      If I told you seriously that licking cans of sardines and tomato sauce is a symptom of HIV infection I don't know if it would be 12 hours before you lick the first can !!!

      But before you start to believe that, don't lick cans of sardines, they can actually cut your tongue.
      One person said for me to be read and one of my texts, the following sentence:

      Your remorse, your guilt do not expand the immune window!

      And this is a fact!

      I say this to those who are driven by guilt, which is often marital guilt, other times it is religious guilt, at other times it is guilt merely guilt without there being a single reason why you feel guilty.

      Is that sex in and of itself in some people creates guilt!

      And Sex itself is no reason to blame, and none of that makes sense to me!

      Feeling guilty and ashamed for having experienced something good and maybe different I don't know… and I even remember a person who came to me between "telling me I have all the symptoms of AIDS" and I told him to look for an undertaker because he I was dead!

      For a person who has all the symptoms of AIDS within him simply cannot exist on the material plane anymore, he died and forgot to fall, do not be carried away by symptoms or by the similarity of reports you see and hear!

      The immune window is 30 days! and I repeat the immune window is 30 days the immune window is 30 days.

      Anything beyond that is self-harm!
      If you love yourself, stop it after 30 days.
      That's all I can tell you

    2. Claudio Souza You say...

      Romulo. Good evening! This person disappeared without a trace

  2. Claudio Souza You say...

    Hi Junior. Good afternoon! Well, to do it, talk to you, you can tell me, even here, what you need to know! On the other hand, if you wish, I ask that you contact me via Whats App at +55 11 940 675 078

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