There is life with HIV

What is the life expectancy with HIV?

The Unsurpassed Question: What is the life expectancy with HIV?

What would be the life expectancy of someone living with HIV? Perhaps it would be good for you to click on the following link and try to understand, first, what acute HIV infection iswhat is acute HIV infection and chase away dozens of ghosts before proceeding

And how long could the expectation of someone living with AIDS be, how can it be improved?

Qual a expectativa de vida com HIV?, Blog Soropositivo.Org
You make the lemonade. But look. Lemon brings seeds

These questions have been asked to me several times and although I already have a text about it, which deals with miles after a conversation I had with my last infectologistafter a conversation I had with my last infectologist that today is a friend, but whose loss, so sudden and bombastic led me to the decision of do not approach my doctors and doctors more than necessary. 

And there have been so many questions that I will make a new and different text. With another approach, to give a different Insight.



This Expectation of Vivid People with HIV depends on multiple factors!

For Truth's sake, Everything Is As God Desires.



But we we can improve the God's humor with respect to us with words and deeds!

The life expectancy of a person with HIV yes, it depends on many… Many factors, I know and you know it!

Yes, and it is, in short, a human life!

And, I promise, and promise to me is debt, make sure of that by promising me something.

I promise, at another opportunity I will tell you not just one, but for both of us!

Two situations where "I saved myself", but I'm sure it wasn't "me talking".

It was mediumistic instruction!

And this survival, with or without HIV, actually depends on many factors!

And, be sure, one of them is the positivist way you try to face life.

You know, if you get a lemon, you don't just have to "suck it", put up with its bitterness and throw it away!

Only not! The Life Expectancy of a Person With HIV, or without, changes with each “tick” and “tac! the clock!

But, you know, I like the old one, I must be an old spirit and I prefer to look, grain to grain, every grain that goes down in the hourglass!

The sands of time, I would say, are all buried! And this would be a big lie!

There are alternatives!

Life pulsates around you, conjoining you to embrace it!

Each of us can begin a new end at any moment, taught us Chico!

Qual a expectativa de vida com HIV?, Blog Soropositivo.Org
Your Expectation of Life Can Go Beyond this and any horizons you can glimpse for an atmo, or for unfathomable evos

One is when the diagnosis is made.

If you think about testing yourself because you believe you may have been in contact with someone with HIV there are a few things to think about.

If this ratio, with this risk of contact was less than 72 hour search for PEP (this link deals with that and opens in another tab).

Well, if, sadly, it's been more than seventy-two hours you should go to a CTA.

Observe everything calmly and then try to talk to a professional that you have noticed to be serious or serious.

The serious professional is easily recognizable, you simply evaluate how he / she expresses himself and, already do a test.

What is the reason for this?

Maybe, and I could not explain a reason to be like this, but maybe you've already been in contact with HIV in another relationship, and have not even realized it, or even remembered!

I have no idea myself and, as far as I can remember, I did not Acute HIV Infection!

And I do not remember all the people I've been with.

Even because, in my case, it does not. I would not give and did not! But what I see here, around me, afraid of having HIV are mostly not in all cases, people afraid of the stigma caused by HIVstigma caused by HIV and based on their talk, over a decade or so I see the mother as they come, or they would have seen me, had it not been for the sad and disconcerting situation they encounter when they come face to face with me and call me,



Qual a expectativa de vida com HIV?, Blog Soropositivo.Org


And I prefer to stay with Master Yoda:

Wars Do not Enlarge!


And, in fact, people are not always very aware of the existence of HIV. and I have already told you who failed and how to fail to light this light.

Well, The Test Gave No Reagent? How nice. We Still Have Something to Watch: Time


In the meantime, as long as the immune window time does not pass and the window does not open, ignore people who claim to be more reliable testing of particular laboratories, because, changing in kids, changes the packaging.

it also changes the brand, changes the cold and irresponsible way in which an envelope is delivered that can contain bad news, devastating without giving you any support.

In the meantime, better understand what HIV infection and AIDS would be!

expectativa de vida da pessoa com HIV
If it's to live in a window, so be it.

Wait for window period (another flap), without seeking eggshells, without attempting to associate uric acid between the toes or night sweats as signs of HIV infection.

This reminds me of more fear and horror of fear and horror of the unknown

Wait calmly. Your life, if you are contaminated, will not change that much if you are strong enough to understand that life is a two-way street in ALL SENSES.

Take the exam and once you have achieved a non-reagent make it an important experience in your life! And take better care of yourself, henceforth!

And make this experience one of those that you do not intend and should not repeat. Sex with someone, whoever you are, without condoms. HIV is only one of the possible results! And it's not the worst. You have no idea what it's like to live with HTLV 3!

Did you give Reagent? Touching the boat, or burial, is all that remains!

If it reacts, it's good that it's now, whether it was a routine examination or a suspicion and not a desperate measure, to try to understand what is happening to you, in the eagerness to save your life!

Because the sooner you discover, the better your chances of treatment and the better the results.

Better to find out like this than to be diagnosed with the surprise of an opportunistic illness. Pneumocystosis, toxoplasmosis or CMV retinitis! One of these scenarios shown is potentially fatal and two others are unlikely to leave sad consequences! I met only one blessed one who had toxoplasmosis and left without sequelae and, given this circumstance, doctors who cared for her and others I spoke to, have their doubts about whether it really was the "toxo".

Opportunistic Diseases Are The Worst Reasons To Get An HIV Test

In December, I witnessed the loss of a loved one within a family and all the imbalance that came later!

I have known cases, at the end of the text you will understand better, of people who have been diagnosed disastrously late in circumstances beyond painful.

And so, unfortunately, I have seen many lives being lost as a result of an opportunistic illness in a diagnosis not of HIV infection, but of severe and severe immune deficiency.

Immune Deficiency caused by HIV (AIDS) associated with one or more opportunistic diseases, not giving to doctors, family members and the sick, a single opportunity of "just struggle". It's hard to fight right with death!

I say it after two pulmonary embolisms, a heart attack, two meningitis, eight pneumonias, and other incidents that I do not even remember, because in some of them I was unconscious.

And, well, I have to be honest with you.

I survived me, because, in order to know the whole truth, of the countless suicide attempts I took, one of them was not a “fake” attempt, because the others were; were a way for me to shout at the world:

- “Hey, you bastards !!!! You are hitting too hard and I am not a punching bag ”. They were cries of warning, with high doses of dangerous medications.


Qual a expectativa de vida com HIV?, Blog Soropositivo.Org
I had lost the love for life, at 17, I had lost a love, when I actually tried to take my life. I made the fatal gesture. But that was predicted. they knew I had nothing, no reason to hope, nothing to live for, and I did it. Cruelty between cruelties ...

But in one of them, yes, the attempt was, in fact, an onslaught, a push the two joysticks of the aircraft forward, pointing the nose of the “aircraft towards the ground and putting the aircraft to revolve around itself!

I had decided to die, and honestly, I know what saved me, and how! The cruelty of it?


There's Life With HIV! But there was so much moral pain around me… I decided to die again!

I wished, I wanted to die, because the moral pain, at that moment, was beyond my capacity for physical and moral endurance.

Fortunately (…), I survived!

Sad to say, but in some cases, depending on how to AIDS attacks you and what opportunistic illness that affects you, death, loss of life is, most of the time, Divine Mercy.

I say because I've seen and because I've lost more loved and loved peoplebeloved and beloved people for AIDS than I wish I had lost meekly!

But understand that, after the immunological window, the reagent obtained is definitive, it is liquid and certain, and those who live in the neura therefore need much more psychological and psychiatric help than clinical. And I'm tired of being sparring!

Well, if you are diagnosed with HIV, everything is in your everything is in your hands

Keep calm, contact your doctor, try to understand, even here, what is What is CD4? what does CD4 mean, what can it mean to have the viral load undetectable, receive the advice of his / her doctor and, above all, maintain a Spartan membership ....



Have a draconian adherence to your medication and use all the resources you have at hand and within reach of your intellect to be like that, 103% adherent to your treatment and, if nothing goes wrong, and God willing, you will be seropositive , or person living with HIV, for a life as long and as prosperous as the one you always dreamed of but healing is still a remote hypothesis!

Take your medication at the right time - This is having draconian adherence, responsible adherence.

I'll put things here, in pencil and paper for you to see.

I believe that eight years ago we went down to Santos, me and Mara, for a short trip. We went down on Saturday we would go back on Sunday night. And she forgot one of her medications here in São Paulo.

She squealed, whistled and kicked. I went up with her back here, in Sampa, she took the medicine, we went down with him and we fulfilled all our weekend with this "parenthesis".

You know what?

We were diagnosed at a time when there was no treatment.

Yeah! And here we are! We did not even know each other! That would give ten texts, to introduce the idea!

We, Mara and I, Love Life and Love to Live.


This ingredient in your life can help make all the difference, even if you are diagnosed at a less-favored time. Yes, with the prognostics pointing at you. The person who gave me the diagnosis almost a quarter of a century ago, and who foresaw me six months of life.

And left this world before me, and just as I have the impression of seeing a "almost smile" on the tip of one of his lips then, there is something very much like this here, in me, now.

At the top of this Blog is written:

There's Life With HIV!


And there is. Or you would not write it! Well, see well:

Whose face would you look at when the truth (which I supposedly and hypothetically was hiding) came to the surface?

Qual a expectativa de vida com HIV?, Blog Soropositivo.Org
I ended the nights in the sound booth of Le Masque like that!


He knows people. Whether I want it or not, each of you, who interacts with me here, just by reading me, directly or indirectly already has an appointment marked with me on the other side of the Umbrais.

So, frankly, I hope to meet each of you with at least some good humor about me.

And, I know, it is not always possible to find this reality!

Written by me, Cláudio Souza, based on what I lived.

But not just this.

Based also on what I saw, what I died, what I was reborn in and what I would die and would be reborn a million times, if I had to have, now or at another time, the still cloudy understanding of life.

Of life so often dead, so many times alive, so often uninterpreted but, most certainly, by me chosen and understood so often by me!

If you have a knot in your brain that's great. We have a lot in much in common Who are you?

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