There is life with HIV

What is HIV positive?

What is HIV positive? This question is not uncommon!

Seropositive is the way it was agreed to define, here in Brazil, people living with HIV! This was born out of the simplicity of things and the natural search for the search for less unpleasant ways of talking about what is, in short, something unpleasant to say; almost an understatement.

Being seropositive is showing positive serology to some agent ...

Soropositivo o que é? Eu sou um exemplo disso!When you do an exam to detect the presence of a certain disease, in fact, an aggressive microscopic living being, like HIV, for example, or COVID-19 and any others you can think of now, we do, in general, a blood test.

And from this exam, in the end, there is blood serum that, having antibodies against that aggressor, which can be considered, for example, reagent, ends up being decided as follows:


Result of HIV serology test equal to: “positive”. Or, in summary:


Being Seropositive And Experiencing Seropositivity

That simple! Well, being seropositive, living with HIV seropositivity is something else, much less easy to explain! It depends, for example, on when, and how, you were diagnosed. I remember, quite rightly, an immense personal drama, on account of someone that, one day, I believed I loved, and that I feared having infected with HIV. See, crazy me, crazy her! One and the other did not take care of each other, so it could have been quite the opposite, I could have contracted the blessed HIV.

But they say the chicken that sings and the one that lays the egg, right? Yes ... It is as usual. But it is a bad and badly arranged custom.

In this way it was established, in my head, that I would have contaminated my travel partner in the world of Eros and Psyche and period.

This Disease Pills People And Being HIV Positive Is Scary!

So it was settled in my head and I had a conversation with Bete, one of my great friends whom, due to stupidity and inconstancy, one day I betrayed, who volunteered to tell my favorite about the situation, but I feared the wave and, I remember Bet saying:

- "You know, this disease seems to freak people out"!

And really like baby! ... Really like it!

Another was the friend who took care of this mission and he told me he regretted having started the conversation less than five seconds after starting it.

Condoms are the best option!

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The idea of ​​having a HIV-positive person, in bed, without a condom, made people scared, even because, in those days, there was no way to treat, there was no hope to feed! It was very difficult to receive this diagnosis, seropositive, and to have some serenity, in the middle of the first half of the 90s.

It’s not like that anymore. Being HIV positive, nowadays, on the way to the third decade of the XNUMXst Century, life with HIV is more than possible and viable!

It can be lived in a vivid and burning way! If you do your test, you are diagnosed in good health, without your CD4 cell count having dropped to the point that you are not “just HIV positive”, but a case of AIDS, there is, reader, reader, living with HIV.

And by that, I don't mean that for other people, this is different. If you are diagnosed late, the way, the beginning of this journey as being HIV positive.

The text follows after the teaser

HIV + I'm a Reagent, now what? Life goes on!

Finding yourself seropositive would have to be a dawn touch!

Me, Cláudio Souza Do blog, I never knew how to give up! Life taught me to be like this, and I believe that everyone should seek to follow this path, of belief and confidence in themselves!

If you started treatment, do your exams, have a strict discipline in your treatment, with good adherence, I would say, if you took the medicines with a strict and draconian discipline, the future will always bring you good fruits, pregnant rewards those who bet in it!

It's a matter of resilience

Anyway, being HIV positive is that. Live one day at a time, do things correctly, take your medications, maintain good hygiene for your food and body, have faith in God, believe in yourself without fear of the future, because everything is as God desires.

So, as a HIV positive person, I tell you one thing: don't give up! Insist, persist, exist and resist! Resilience, believe me, is the daily fruit of the daily struggle! 

Being HIV positive is not the end! If you want to follow me closely, these are mine 



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