Most type 2 HIV infections are centered in West Africa or in countries that have strong colonial or socioeconomic ties with West Africa, including:
1 - France
2 - Spain
3 - Portugal

AIDS Negationism and Denial

The current culture of denial of science extends to HIV as it always has, initially with other idiots, such as Pete Duesberg (Dushberg?)

PrEP failure happens

Eighty to ninety-six percent coverage is, for me, an insane Russian roulette! And I insist: there are other STDs, there is a risk of teenage pregnancy, unplanned, complicated and, we know, girls who get pregnant at school age, rarely go back to school! There are many risks and, as Guilherme Arantes says, take care of yourself, never to lose this wide laugh and this sympathy on your face

undetectable is equal to negative? No! It is a sign of hope for longevity, but it is not non-reactive!

Undetectable equal to negative? They always ask me that. And I understand the problem, I know it can be complicated, but that's what I think, it would be starting a relationship with a lie and, you see! Lie… You need to start dealing with your emotions and understand that having HIV does not make you unworthy, or unworthy of […]

HIV and AIDS stigma
Claudio Souza

In general, social stigma helps to identify in society which individual had a bad reputation or who had committed some kind of crime. In sociology studies, the concept of social stigma is related to the particular characteristics of a group or individual that follow the opposite of a society's traditional cultural norms.

Stigma and HIV

Regarding the title of the text that deals with stigma: The original is a typical London idiom: Punching Fog ⇿ Punching the fog - Incompatible with the reality of more than two thirds of Brazil and I searched for the most similar one. Initially I chose “punch with a knife point. It looked good, but it isn't. I changed that 14 hours before the publication was already scheduled and I keep the difference in the formatting of the text trying to legitimize what I affirm after all, in general, certain things are nothing more than a “slight twist in my sobriety”. Still about this, in an African country, people with AIDS are called “Londoners”, in their language, it is true, in an allusion to the beginning of the epidemic over there, which came “carried by Englishmen” who had presented their first symptoms there and this generated more stigma, but, on the other hand, in a country where AIDS is treated as AIDS, there are no “” ”Aidetics” ””… There are “Sidosos e sidosas”. We human beings (???) are excellent at labels. And, when we start to live the risk of being at “the other end of the whip, this is what I see, the person afraid to hear what they think of people with HIV until, finally, they understand that to contract AIDS it is enough a hesitation (…), a misstep, or even a few seconds of oral sex… 🙁

Do I have HIV?
Do I have HIV? How can I know? The question, for those living with HIV, has obvious answers. But, it is a fact ... the person who has HIV has been through this, through doubt and knows that the issue has become almost existential for many. This, due to the ignorance of many facts that, even, make the nightmare of the [...]

This study found that no HIV transmission occurred among 2.651 babies born to cis gender women who were undergoing treatment before conception and during pregnancy and who had an undetectable viral load at delivery. 

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