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Kiss on the mouth does not transmit HIV - But there are exceptions

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It is not that it is null. It is unlikely and, going further, only a little over six months ago a case of HIV transmission through oral sex was confirmed, after thirty-five years of epidemic !!! Think of something. Couples become intimate and, if I kiss her mouth, what harm could there be in taking a spoonful of soup from her spoon? In my view, none! IF HIV were transmissible through kissing, somehow it could also be transmitted through the use of cutlery, plates, shared towels, such as hugs, etc.

But it is not.

beijo na boca não transmite HIV
You must remember this… A kiss is still a kiss

And I go around the net seeing what's written out there and honestly I wish I had the power of Lightning and Thunder, to burn some hard drives and freak out some “Blog Editors”. See, I consider two hypotheses.

These editors published something they believed in in good faith, by hearing it in the mouth or even the page of a damn guy.

Or the information is given by the damn guy who could be a damn homophobic FDP, like the one posted on a "site" that, in case of anal intercourse the window could be up to five years this "information" is not true do not believe this guy "

Maybe this was the truth he knew or supposed he knew and, to the pity of sins, they abandoned the blog, or lost their password and could no longer recover the data. I myself was hacked in 2012 and this site was completely destroyed, however, I think I read it right here on WordPress, or elsewhere:


"Back Uf Always, Back Up often"

"Do Back Up always, often make back"

And I was able to restore the site. Well, it doesn't matter.

The fact is that on the page of the immunological window, at the very beginning, there is an image and, it seems to me, no one observes it. And ... You see, I don't mind answering, or I would have already locked the possibility of commenting, because there are an endless number of similar questions and answers and you could find, with some research work on the page, the answer you are looking for. I won't do that and I remembered something. HIV is not transmitted by kissing as long as your mouth is healthy. A gingivitis can make this condition somewhat worse, if, for example, there is contact with blood from the other person's mouth and, thus, we would have to imagine a very surreal scenario where two people with gingivitis and bleeding in the mouth (with the pain that this provides) to decide to kiss!

So friend, look at the image below, being the same one that is also at the beginning of the post Immune Window.

And that's all 🙂 🙂 🙂


Beijo na boca não transmite HIV – Mas Há Exceções, Blog Soropositivo.Org

That's no way.                                           That's it.

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