There is life with HIV

Kiss on the mouth passes HIV? And if she has

Kiss decidedly does not transmit HIV

I kissed a HIV positive woman on the mouth !! Can I get HIV or AIDS?

No! Kisses pass HIV? NO! Do not pass! And it would be very sad for me if it were not so, because I lost count of the mouths I kissed, after knowing I had HIV!

There is not a single proven case of HIV transmission by kissing on the mouth. Think, for example, of my personal life. After taking the stick, I was nine months without a hug, a kiss, nothing. I need to write about it is true. However, my life returned to normal, I kissed many women, many of them, most of them non-reactive and, there was never a contagion, no condom broke, let it be clear, because it is a matter of knowing how to use it. Without these incidents, this fear would remain. Nothing happened. Be at peace, and read on.

Kisses in the mouth pass HIV?

Well, right at the beginning of this work that I do, on a news portal still embryonic, I came across a hateful speech from a person, allegedly “religious”, saying that kissing could transmit HIV!

This appeared on a website where I wrote some texts, whose nature was not well connected to my serology. Or it was and I can't recover these facts.

But I remember well responding harshly, the storm that at times I am still, if badly hurt. It is even an improvement, because I responded to everything with the ire of a "Tai fun" when I felt angry or provoked for any reason!

Kisses pass HIV? No! But that afternoon I responded with hatred

And I wrote a text, which, unfortunately, was in line with my mentality that was ill at the time and, thus, the text was covered with an unreasonable, uncontrolled and devastating fury that showed very clearly what I was feeling and experiencing in 2001 I was a complete "Tai fun"!

Beijo na boca passa HIV
That was more or less how I responded to any detractor! This photo links to an interesting article, but in English! It is explained there, I am putting it well on top, that they are studying something that seems to be new ... ... here on Earth ... Winds that can cause waves that only have an intensity of 3.5 (or 3.1, I'm not sure) on the richter scale ( more than 10.000 of these events in 16 years) that have been dubbed 'stormquakes'. This is a scary thing and it is important to show it, because it doesn't matter whether AIDS is cured if I don't have a planet to live on!

When he said that Kiss kisses HIV I felt bad about him. Deny me right to affection

Anyway, the text was not published, I received a lesson like that and left, tail between my legs, and never looked for them again. My so-called answer, for his statement that Beijo passes HIV ended up not showing up!

Didn't come “to the Light”

And I answer the question: Does kiss pass HIV? Do not.

And it’s good that it didn’t come! I did the stupid thing to write with the liver. And what a pity to know that I cannot even recover the name of the Site, which was one of the many portals, anxious initiatives and full of hopes, a kind of dream! And I loved it is part of that. Now everyone is “professionalized”! 😒

Well, about the kiss on the mouth, look, there are the serodiscordant couples it is not? I wonder with the Senate of my buttons, how sad would be the lives of people who, not having HIV and who would love people who living with HIV if there was this kind of contagion. PrEP, that you know is not one of the things I strongly advocate, serves other purposes and, mind you, relationships between people, as far as I can remember, start, at least mine always started, with a kiss and, , nobody goes after PrEP before kissing and it wouldn’t even be distributed, because it’s quite unnecessary, PrEP Pro kiss.

Settle down. So, at the Base of the Kiss, you don't get HIV!

Because if someone tells you that kissing passes HIV, it's a lie!

They wrote a response to me, showing me the facts, which I had responded with hatred and, certainly, it was with an even greater hatred that I replied to them in "fall back" I HOPE THAT THEY FORGIVE ME AND IF THEY STILL REMEMBER, THAT ACCEPT MY EXCUSE REQUEST.

If I had been the ax of Assisi, I would have gone back there immediately and I would have said that everything would have been lascivious fussiness.

Well, today, two decades later, I do CTRL + C and CTRL + V and put it in bold

It was lustful lewdness and in front of the Universe, and having the collective unconsciousness as a witness (😜😜😜) I apologizeace!

Returning to the theme:

Kisses in the mouth pass HIV? A Kiss is Still A Kiss!

And I would have contaminated some small constellations of Strasses until I was found in the sieve of a Diamond!!!

And I would not have peace inside me, neither today nor tomorrow, as I could never have! This monstrosity of consciously transmitting this to someone has never perpetuated !!

Kisses in the mouth pass HIV? Think about it! It would be too cruel, too bad to relegate us to loneliness!

No. It doesn't pass! And see, even the oral sex does not pose a great risk. How is your freak with kiss?

Beijo na boca passa HIV
Kiss decidedly does not transmit HIV

Evidence shows that the HIV virus spreads through the exchange of bodily fluids, such as blood, semen and vaginal fluids, but not saliva.

Although HIV can be detected in saliva, it cannot be passed on to others through kissing, because a combination of antibodies and enzymes found naturally in saliva prevents HIV from infecting new cells.

Kisses in the mouth pass HIV? How is HIV transmitted?

The most common way to HIV spread is through sexual intercourse. 

But you see, the risk exists, yes, in oral sex; but the anal and oral is the big deal about risk. If you like it, enjoy using the condom% ¨ & E & ¨%))) of the condom! 

The virus can also spread through needle sharing, and can be transmitted from an infected pregnant woman to her unborn baby.

However, steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission to a baby, making transmission that rare in the United Kingdom.

For example, the risk of transmission can be reduced:

Administering antiretroviral drugs to a mother and her newborn baby, giving birth by cesarean section (where the baby is delivered through a cut made in the abdomen and uterus) and not breastfeeding
You cannot get HIV through:

  • Kiss
  • Deep Mouth Kiss!
  • Mouth-to-mouth breathing (the “kiss of life”)
  • In a sneeze by someone with HIV
  • Sharing baths, towels or cutlery with someone with HIV
  • Swimming in a pool that was used by someone with HIV
  • Sitting on a toilet where someone with HIV sat!
  • This should clear your doubts

Look at this link below you can see your risk of contracting, getting HIV in certain scenarios. It is a good reading tip and I recommend that you take advantage of it.

But look at how things are… You can contract HPV in a kiss. What's up? Will you stop living?

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