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COVID-19 e HIV no Blog SoropositivoAs vaccines against COVID-19 were tested on people with HIV? It is a sensible question. Well, people with HIV and COVID19 have a very high chance of a less happy outcome in their therapies. I have been researching, looking there and there and, in reality, I have seen very little and very few tested subjects, at least until now, March 2021, XNUMX. There are vaccinated, but...




Nonetheless, I would get any vaccines against COVID-19 now, as COVID-19 is a serious health problem and I have already debunked too much about a virus, I know the consequences in my daily life and, in addition, I know it, and I know it well , how much it has cost me, in professional terms, because, for example, my life as a DJ ended as soon as the diagnosis was leaked and the “electronic calendar with more than 300 contacts served me just to show how many friends I didn't have!

The heart of this text addresses this question:

Vaccines against COVID-19 in people with HIV?


Pessoas com HIV/COVID-19 estão propensas a manifestações graves da infecção pelo novo Coronavírus Many of the studies on vaccines against COVID-19 initially limited their recruitment to participants who did not have other medical conditions. It is part of the human mindset to save the healthy. See, Titanic talked a lot about women and children first ... After the first studies showed that vaccines were safe for the general population, people with HIV started to participate in these studies.

This includes each of the three vaccines whose successful efficacy results have been publicly announced.


However, a relatively small number of people with HIV have been involved so far and the period they have been in the studies is relatively short. For this reason, specific data on people with HIV have not yet been released.

Pfizer study: 196 people with HIV

The Pfizer study recruited at least 196 people with HIV, but they were not included in the analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine or in the data that led to approval by regulators in the United States and the United Kingdom.

 Da Moderna 176, people! Oxford / AstraZeneca 160!

The Moderna study recruited 176 people with HIV. One person who received the placebo and none who received the vaccine developed COVID-19. No unusual security concerns have been reported for vaccination against COVID-19 and people living with HIV.

A person with HIV and COVID-19 who would have a PCP infection, and maybe even a “Simple pneumonia”  I would already be in a bad situation.

Johnson & Johnson, Novavax and Sanofi / GlaxoSmithKline.

The Oxford / AstraZeneca studies recruited 160 people with HIV in the UK and South Africa, but they were not included in the main data set published in the The Lancet

People living with HIV were also recruited for vaccine studies by Johnson & Johnson, Novavax and Sanofi / GlaxoSmithKline.

When data from these studies become available, we will report them on

"There is no reason to think that these vaccines will be less safe for people with HIV," said the British HIV Association (BHIVA). “Both include part of the genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), but not the entire virus. This means that they are not live vaccines, so they are no less safe in people with a damaged immune system. ”

It is important to remember, whenever possible, that, for example, a person with HIV and COVID-19 who also had tuberculosis would be in a very worrying situation. And look, tuberculosis is a disease with an overwhelming prevalence all over the planet.

His statement specifically referred to the Pfizer and Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines, but this is also the case for the Moderna vaccine and almost all of the vaccines against COVID-19 being tested.

People with HIV may not respond well to the Anti-COVID-19 vaccine

BHIVA continues: “It is possible that people with HIV will not respond as well to the vaccine. Perhaps the vaccine can trigger a weaker response in people with HIV. We will monitor any new evidence. "

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports text written as follows:

"COVID-19 mRNA vaccines can be administered to people with underlying medical conditions, as long as they have not had a severe allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the vaccine."

People with HIV Have Increased Risks for Serious COVID-19

They note that people with HIV may be at increased risk for severe COVID-19 and may receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

However, they should be aware of limited safety data ...

People living with HIV have been included in clinical trials, although specific security data for this group is not yet available now. ”

The Problem, readers…. and readers ... is that the risks of facing an HIV and COVID-19 co-infection, without the vaccine, are not good to pay for.

And that, many times, the uncertainty is better than the certainly fearsome. I can't wait to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and, you see, stay in social isolation!

A December 2020 special edition of aidsmap LIVE answered viewers' questions about vaccines against COVID-19: click here to watch the program.

Translated by Cláudio souza from the original in Have COVID-19 “vaccines been tested in people with HIV?”Written by Roger Pebody in January 2021

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COVID-19 e HIV no Blog Soropositivo

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