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HIV and AIDS stigma

Question: What is the concept of social stigma?

Estigma, HIV e AIDSHIV and AIDS stigma has been a constant in my life. In the year 2000 I took a position, I became a person living with HIV publicly. The prices I paid, and still paid for it, had their charges made in the field of social life

I was thinking a little here, I think, a little, so as not to burn more neurons than usual. I thought about this point in the text

Stigma HIV and AIDS ⇿ How Do People With HIV Face It? Wiping Ice ...

“In stigma, a belief system is really shared by the stigmatizer and the stigmatized. The stigmatizer fears becoming the type of person who hates, and the stigmatized person feels [that] [in] shame… Stigma has control over people: it is what is so toxic and unfair in all of this ”.

I receive, on my WhatsApp (+55 11 940 675 078), people who, for one reason or another, have come to believe that they may have contracted HIV. These people often do dozens, even hundreds of tests for the presence of HIV and are never able to accept the non-reactive result.

They believe that they "deserve to have the virus". For them, HIV is punishment.

… It's for my wife and daughter… I deserve it (Having HIV)


HIV and AIDS stigma is a constant in my life. At some point, in the past, I took a certain stance this speech came from "a consultant".

The wife was pregnant and refractory, as in some cases, to sexual relations with her husband. I believe that this is almost anthropological and, deep down, it has something to do with the temporarily consumed reproductive instinct; but, in these lessons, I recognize that I travel.

Well, our friend and character (personality) cannot contain themselves, and I understand that, after all the couple were 27 and 26 years old, and they resorted to the services of a professional who, I do not understand this point, did the job without Condoms. I care about these girls and want to address them briefly.

Speaking to Sex Professionals:

“Young women, as much as it may seem to you - he doesn't have AIDS, he doesn't look like someone who has this”, whoever looks like he doesn't see AIDS! And see, for more than R $ 100,00, R $ 300,000 or R $ 1.000,00 more for not having to use a condom, it does not make up for anything that you can do with this “cash”!


I know what I am saying, after almost thirty years of living with HIV! Well, this guy who said that to me is nothing other than what follows below said:

"This is a disease of bad people, of bad character, of a doubtful nature that betrays the wife or the husband, among other things"!

It is necessary to quote Sílvia Almeida, widow, mother of three children:

HIV does not change people's character

And he is not alone in this line of thought. When people come to me, or stay “there”, absorbed with their fears, everything they say, or think, and fear against themselves, in general, is exactly what they think of me (us) as a person (people ) living with HIV or AIDS.

Summing up AIDS

I have, in my head, a text about HIV / AIDS and somatizations that, one day, I swear, I will publish, but look, I know of people who “have ALL the SYMPTOMS of AIDS”! And they are alive, without treatment, after four years!

Doesn't the plug fall?

It saddens me to reach these conclusions, but I am not writing these things based on a finding! They are lines, lines and lines, the same in context, although different in content that show many things and, among them, also, a total and complete ignorance of the facts about AIDS and denying somatization, even when clearly endorsed.

I'M NOT CRAZY (A) And somatization doesn't do that.

Ignorance in the middle of information

Often people who come to me clearly show me that they know nothing about HIV / AIDS, and these days, in addition to my blog, with more than 650 posts, there are a plethora of very good sites among so many others very bad.

People come to believe that they contracted HIV less than three months ago and begin to “manifest” signs of opportunistic illnesses. Just now, on the morning of April 17, 2021, we heard BAND do an almost 30-minute story on AIDS. We've never seen this on TV before!

Very enlightening matter, I would deserve, I believe, a better schedule. But they must repeat it, I hope.

AIDS, the Great Stigmatizer, Delays to Emerge

The fact is that it shows what almost nobody shows. Between the time when a person contracts HIV until the time when the Lifecycle from HIV it consumed organic resources until the immunological deficiency, AIDS, can go from ten to twenty years without treatment.

The other day I was talking to a girl, who blocked me (cancellation?) When she discovered my human side, and I found her astonished when I told her that it might take at least five years to start having complications. I probed her and, in fact, she had no idea about it.

Estigma HIV e AIDSThis ignorance, endemic, multiplies suffering, spreads fears, generates even daily tests on some people, consuming precious economic resources, while about at least 100.000 people have HIV and do not know it!

Anyway, the stigma against HIV / AIDS helps to complicate things a lot. And clarifying, clarifying and clarifying is the duty of everyone, everyone and everyone.


Therefore, I often feel like this:

Wiping the ice.

Claudio Souza

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Support the work. Or it will eventually disappear. The links lead to the websites of these banks, the most important! Support a job that seeks to support you!

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