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Peripheral Neuropathy results from damage to peripheral nerves in the body; it is a serious neurological complication that can lead to physical, motor and sensory disabilities that can be painful and affects 40% of people living with HIV and, of course, it hit me !. I have been interested in this for years and, even I believe, this curiosity borders on Morbidity. Yes, it may be, but for the sake of the truth I am the one who lives with

Peripheral neuropathy for HIV and I have to endure this pain

For me, as long as I can live, that's fine!

It all starts with the action of HIV, the AIDS virus. And AIDS is the tip of the Iceberg of events that start with the HIV infection.

Because peripheral HIV neuropathy starts in the most distant places of the brain, so “peripheral” and it grows… I once consulted a Brux… I mean, a Sadistic neurologist and she, very nice, advocated that, one day, I I wouldn't feel any more pain.

These nerves carry signals between the central nervous system (the brain and the spine).

And also by the muscles, the skin and other internal organs.

When peripheral neuropathy initially develops, people often report a tingling or itching in the toes.

Although it can also start with the fingers (this was my case). This brought me some problems, but it delayed others and, to God, I can only thank you! 🙏

Time passes, time flies ...

Over time, the tingling gradually spreads to the feet or hands and worsens to a sharp burning and / or throbbing pain.

People who have severe peripheral neuropathy can suffer from extreme pain and may have difficulty walking.

Sometimes it is necessary to use a cane or wheelchair to get around.

I love my walking stick. But it started to hurt and I have gone through the perch of wearing a half-finger glove so as not to hurt me so much and not have, on the other hand, the boiled hand!

Peripheral polyneuropathy is my most charming diagnosis!

Image Gordon Johnson by Pixabay

People who have peripheral neuropathy usually have symptoms on both sides of the body. In other words, peripheral neuropathy almost always occurs on both feet and / or both hands. Sensations can be constant or periodic. Sometimes they may not be noticeable while at other times they can be extremely uncomfortable.

Peripheral neuropathy is not only physically painful, it can also have a profound effect on quality of life. The instinct to reduce or avoid pain can prevent people from continuing with their daily activities, whether walking up and down stairs, visiting friends and relatives, or going to work. This can cause great anxiety that can lead to deep depression - serious emotional problems that can make life seem entirely frustrating.

Without justifying myself, I know that from time to time I am bitter

NNote from the Seropositive Web Site Editor: this is my personal drama, my private Hell.

I've taken all kinds of drugs, including tramadol and morphine; I am currently taking a “light dose” of methadone combined with gabapentin, two tablets of gabapentin, and my infection says that he dares not tamper with it, as the dose is already above the recommended amount, but who prescribed it was a neurosurgeon, Dr Alexandre Walter, who fought a lot, I believe, to open the pain clinic at Hospital São Camilo.

The medication is administered by me intercalated and three doses of amitril, of 75 mg (three tablets of 25 mg - this medication was discontinued in my life) per day plus the morning association of an antidepressant with chemical characteristics that “help to fight pain ”, Duloxetine hydrochloride, 60MG. 

With that I take quetiapine and gabapentin, a neuroleptic.

And, I excuse everyone ... An imbecile, an imbecile finished and laudada, that I once helped to pass by your camerarise from “fear in your life” watched one or two of my videos and mocked me:

- "You are very well for those who have peripheral neuropathy".

I told her to go to a very, very, very distant location.

Then I blocked it after sending her the documents I put here.

As well as the video she watched. It seems to me that she believes that whoever is sick is automatically unhappy ... This must be the piece of furniture that carried her towards me, in search of support and protection. And that's how she returned it. Patience, God knows what he does. And, in this way, I put some things here, to avoid, or at least try to avoid, channeling like this one that was made for me.

In short, I I don't stay for ninety minutes without having to take any painkillers.

Dor Neuropática por HIV
Neuropathic Pain for HIV seems to be, in my case, my own nemesis. As if all the pleasure I got, destroying female hearts and, so that everything is said, and why not (?) Homes, returning as interest of late and even fair compounds

Sometimes having to break free from the circuit, believing that "it is over" and disillusionment does not take long, in fifteen minutes the tingling comes back and I, who know what that means, go back to the remedies, to avoid further upset.

Yes it is! I'm fine. It remains to be seen how long and how the future will be, in which I learned to think little.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

And this is the video that gave rise to the complete asshole's stupid sarcasm… Yes, yes, I'm fine, read the report after the video. Some idiotic creatures, and I am well aware that this is an insult to the Club of Idiots, seem to only believe in the misery or suffering of others, when she can see that very little, or almost nothing, can be done. And take soda, soda and more soda ad infinitum ...

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And despite that ... I do not think about healing....

This, peripheral neuropathy, limits me a lot. Thus, I rarely go out on the streets (only in cases of extreme need), being a prisoner of me, my body and, sometimes, of my pains. Even so, because the soul is not small, for me, everything, not just life, is worth it. Even put up with these sarcastic briefcases, whose own is kept right there, on the corner ...


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