There is life with HIV

Prejudice A Living Sore On Humanity

PI recognize. The word itself already defines the harmful, perverse and cruel thing in the midst of it all. You could do an almost syntactic analysis and arrive at it without much effort:

If kindness generates kindness ...

… Prejudice feeds prejudice, creates preconceptions!

The res judicata before the defendant's own conviction.

Which is a great fuck just because it has the possibility to exist.

Among the things I “heard” on WhatsApp because of my almost stupid desire to help! Among them, some marked me painfully! I think I have about 1200 (twelve hundred !!!) contacts on my WhatsApp. 

And over 97% are presented to me without an image! I don't understand the mechanics of WhatsApp's algorithms, but I learned, and I may be completely wrong, but contacts without a photo may be of those people who blocked me, but I'm not sure if that is a fact.

Victimized by prejudice! ???

Prejudice spreads, but there is no concrete proof that COVID-19 can be transmitted sexually. This is another myth caused by someone's prejudice!

At this moment, whether I like it or not, whether I like what I'm going to write here, right here, victim of prejudice. But some things have been said to me! And there is no way. It is in your face and style! It exploded!

I remembered a person and she seemed nice, cool, friendly and followed the idiotic impulse to say “hello! how did i see life ”? And the stab:

-"I'm so sorry, but I will block you now! I can not explain a friendship with a PERSON LIKE YOU"!

Continued her photo disappeared 😳 😩 😫 😭!

I didn't cry, I should have, but I didn't cry, although I had great pain, there, at that moment, when crying, it would do me good to cry, because I am, let's say: 

Old man in this whole thing !!! (!!!) !!!.

I didn't start this job on What's App. I started it in a more measured and discreet way with Yahoo Messenger and Microsoft Messenger! But they had a big problem in their core: anonymity.

In Personnel Field, at the time of the Great Storm 🌪 I was called “AIDETIC WASTE ”!

After that I believed I could take anything. Well, it's not exactly like that!

OV… da P… Damn

The person (person?) Would come in with me and say to me, for example:

"Now that's it, little deer !? He became a repentant fag, I am neither a fag nor a repentant, and "fag" is a very dirty word.

Everyone knows that I have nothing bad to say and, I add:

The most honorable and worthy people I have met in my life could hardly be considered normalAs what is this thing, normal? By God, tell me!


 I am not and the speech itself does not offend me, but it does show, and it shows, in iridescent colors, the deformed face of this mangy scoundrel, may the members of the Clube dos Canalhas Sarnentos forgive me! who doesn't have the courage to tell me that face to face, but he went on:

He became a repentant fag and pretends he wants to help, right?

Just like you, pathetic goofy, nobody else!

The What's App is linked to a phone number, which is linked to a CPF and, I swear to you, for everything that is most sacred and also for everything that is most profane, And who knows me knows my extremity ability to think, not to think, not to react or to react and, you know, I would hunt such a person and rip his skin (symbolically) in public, so that everyone knows the likely consequences of that! It would hardly happen a second time.

The truth is that it never happened, nobody takes chances !!!

Even so, prejudice hits me.

And, truth be told, I'm happy! I love and am loved. I am loved unconditionally and I love unconditionally. But marriage does not make us islands, and we naturally need friends. Prejudice creates loneliness, and I also need friends!

I should be "vaccinated". Please, since we talked here, whether or not this is what we are doing, listen to this story of mine.

Around 2003, maybe 2005, I expand the time to the doctor that my memory and its whites also expand, but a girl came to me; and I received it as usual.

The story she told me was very common, to some extent, and reminded me of Amaryllis, with some differences between the final two. This girl, “ADRIANA” had a boyfriend, worked in a branch of the business world in a “Y” position and so did he, but in an “X” position, slightly below.

Horizontal, even prejudice disappears. It will be?

This hardly works, this vertical relationship, but, dsay, and rightly say, that in bed, horizontally, everyone is the same. On one of these occasions, they, who always used condoms, came face to face with the accident, the condom exploded! Exploded is the way I, according to someone now in the past, have to write and narrate things. I saw the explosion, mentally. And all I saw were millions of cubic meters of sperm, with trillions of trillions of sperm and an unseen number of copies of the hateful RNA!

In me, there were few, very few, perhaps, no chances that contagion had not occurred. Although I have my personal reservations about I = I, I think that, in that case, and in some others, this metric prevailed, at a time when, although no one knew it, I admit that this is an equation that may have solved certain unknowns in my life, although many others, I don't know, I saw it happen so differently.

But prejudice is devastating when you are the target!

Exploding, my readers, is my extreme way of writing things. What is important to know is that sperm flew in all directions and, finally, he told her that he lived (I don't know how to live now) with HIV.

From search to search she came to my blog and found my contact on my blog. My blog was not yet a blog, it was a website, and that had some differences. This girl had, in 2005, to wait for an immunological window of three months!

Nowadays, I'm writing in March 2020, the window is 30 days! And she started talking to me every night, around 19 pm and, about what we talked about, it doesn't matter. 

These were difficult times. I am thinking, today, of people who do not believe in the Immune window with 30 days Soda!

Caustic soda? Or Lemonade

And then she did the exam. The result would come in 15 days! ”

E About we can take those last 15 days together! for two more weeks, 15 more nights!

Prejudice or not was a Double Negative!

The result was negative, she was very happy, went out to drink, guess what?uem, and the next day, she disappeared, blocked me and I never "saw" her again. Maybe because I can't justify…

I believe it was in 2015/2016/2017, I'm not sure, a man, heterosexual, married, came to me.

However, naturally distressed, he ended up finding me, and among all these things he said to me, very similar to everyone else's.

Where I ended up learning that their fears were the result of their own demons, of their well-established prejudices. Because the person didn't even realize what he was saying! And, amid so many rabbits that he had in his top hat, he left me with this one:

"You know, man, my fear is not for me! It is for my wife and my daughter, in her belly! I f *** myself, I deserve to take…

People! I couldn't control myself and I collapsed on him like the storm that I can always become! And in the end, I said that he was so damn, so FDP that if there was one thing he didn't deserve, it was my attention!

Right or wrong, I blocked it. It is done and I have no inclination to reconsider such a thing.

My prejudice? Intolerance? Impatience? Surely! But I am not that important to consider myself unforgivable! I'm a person, a human being, something like that 👎
O meu preconceito. meu auto=preconceito está em julgamento também
Image juice by Pixabay

Intolerance makes me AIDS waste

Is it reprehensible on my part? Yes!

And not!

Why. I do not know! In my defense I say that all I know is that I know nothing! Maira always finds grace in my arguments that start with this statement:

"In my defense"….

With it I came to understand that I live and express myself as if I were testifying (in my defense) before a court where you are the silent witnesses, and I am a prosecutor, judge and, still, a lukewarm defender. Twenty-five years later and I proceed on my self-destructive, self-punishing quest!

And that doesn't just refer to HIV positive serology. We, unfortunately, are still like that. Think of a five year old child. Wasn't there, at least once, a child who approached you, or someone, and made an observation "a little more acute" without choking or blinking?

The one who did this represents, in great proportions, all of us! Without the filters of education, politeness, without the duty of good preservation of good social life, of the good old politics of good neighborliness.

Not all?

We all. 

Prejudiced and harmed, executioners and victims.

No one but us. As much as you look one way or the other, it is always the slow slug going down the tree trunk…. (…)!

Prejudice, we need, and with great urgency, to recognize our defects and try to smooth the edges that we will easily find in each one of us. And you don't even have to stop in front of the mental mirror to see them. Just face yourself

We all have, at least in one moment of life, the merit to receive that coveted trophy!

The Walter Ego Trophy!

Minutes of glory!

Cláudio, the Great DJ!

The finished imbecile who laughed at the “peacocks full of money”, seated, with three, four, five women.

And yet, I became even more emphatic in the sound booth. My star. My “little star” (…) was shining, shining and shining.

When he realized his own inconsistency it was too late! My pride and vanity, the most legitimate children of my unmistakable prejudice, had already helped me to do so much wrong, crooked, cruel and, often emotionally perverse, that in the end I did not have anyone who really loved me and the story is already known. Do not. Click here, please!

Open it in another tab, you won't miss the point!

In one way or another, almost all of us are like that! There are, it is true, some that are better, it is true. I'm not as pessimistic or acid as sthendal

Euphemists. It is what we are and it is exactly what we are perfecting to be. The ideological patrol, the ideological patrol.

The actor who made Thor received criticism, or were the producers of “Endgame”, received protests (my God, what is this?) Because Thor, in the face of his so-called failure, gave himself up to drink (I don't know if there were any another protest) and won what was a small belly there! This, yes, an exaggeration

Every time we use an euphemism, that we try to “minimize speech impacts” with a cute way of saying things, we are trying to put on our prejudices. And that is beyond absurd.

On the other hand…

And this is great shit. Using me, The Great Goofy as an example, on one occasion I received, from one of my doctors throughout my life, a devastating class on racism!

I mentioned a black person. My friend is black. And I, the patso among the paws, made a reference to this person as "like that, half-brunette".

And my doctor friend, my doctor friend scolded me, rightly and said:

  • "She's black, isn't she"?

Given the visible annoyance that I caused, I retreated mentally, trying to escape to the Pleiades, but there was nothing I could say that would alleviate the stupid thing I did, and, gluing Azambuja, a black character from Chico Anísio thought: Yeah… this time not only did I step on the ball, I scored against ”!

TI repeat what she said to me, whose words I could not fix, given the painful contrition I felt would be reduced to that. A black person is black and has to be treated like any other person, without softening. Score.

The Path of Perdition was all curly, right?

Prejudice A Living Chaga in Humanity, Blog Seropositive.Org
The curls of doom and the many incautues of then
On the other side, I had a black boss. And I won't mention either a name or a nickname because he would be able to look for me even if it was just to give a slap and, at this point in my life, this thing would not end well!
I am a descendant of blacks. And it most certainly comes from my mother's heritage, whom I thank for her hair!It does not matter. 
I love my curls of doom.
But this ex-boss was my fan, he enjoyed my job, my way of working, he liked me, because of the “me” of that time, because it is what I was and in a way I still am! 

Unfortunately, even after a quarter of a century, recovering from the right chin I had, about that, I give myself the right to leave it for a little while.

Reverse Prejudice and the Proof That Things Eat

Preconceito Uma Chaga Viva Na Humanidade, Blog Soropositivo.Org
The place still exists

And it really does, gnawing is your job!

I wouldn't know if anyone still remembers, but there on Rua 24 de Maio there is a gallery that must have at least five (5) floors and, in my view, it was a magazine, a powder keg.

Downstairs I bought those records, the ones that had a white stamp with nothing written on it. I don't say it was in the open, just because it was underground. The ground floor was “Soul Music” with a predominantly black frequency. The first floor was frequented by rockers.

Three (3) completely different tribes living in the same space without a new Big Bang !!!!!!

And somewhere in the galaxy I met Fabiana and fell in love with her, who, only God could explain, fell in love with me !!! 

Fabiana was a fantastic woman. I will not make descriptions. She was black, beautiful, enjoyed astronomy, science fiction, quantum mechanics, loves Star Trek and was a great optimist, had, like me, hopes for humanity, but we also share the same concern.

The New Holocaust! this would be fatal, it would be nuclear

The Nuclear Holocaust one of the children of prejudice

There was no day that we didn't talk about it! AND almost every day she, a black cause activist, went to the gallery, and introduced me as “DJ and cool guy”.

  • "And white pointed someone"!

In order not to stretch myself further, the torrid romance did not last a month!

That first warm welcome, “and white”, did not change its tone! Or changed! For worse !!! And that will be great at the end of all this litany that I wrote.

The pressure on her, who was walking with a FDP of a white C ****** was so great that she broke off.

Recalling the beginning of it all, to reach an end!

Do you know that part of the text, a little higher up? Where did I mention that my boss who, for the sake of everyone, and especially mine. Well, to close the text, aware that I didn't even scratch the ink that covers the filthy shell of this… this monstrosity that is prejudice.


That morning, my boss, what was, or is, I don't know anymore, my fan, my fan, as a DJ, amid a heated conversation about racism and prejudice called me and, you see:

Claudinho (I fear who calls me Claudinho, because it is usually someone who will fuck me sooner or later, like the guy from Teia PP), come here!

I, who was quiet, almost asleep, because I received by day, by night, in fact, I had to get up and, when I approached him, he vomited this:

  • Tseeing “this here”? pointing at me, I became! this here !. And he amended:
  • This guy is living proof that a “criola (his words) slut lay down and had sex with a white son of a ****

I did not punch that straight in the face, because of the security guards, who would melt me ​​with such a blow that they would strike, in the honorable parity of five to one.

Well, in less than 15 days I ended up being invited to work in another house and accepted the invitation.

Thirty Days and Honor

The hostess gave me 30 days to start and I asked to start the next night. Concerned, certainly as my ambiguous honor, since it was not quite right to do so, she asked if I was going to “just leave the house where I worked without a DJ”, and that I would guarantee that I would not do the same with her.

I told her this nasty thing and she said:

  • Understand. Start tomorrow!
Prejudice seems to have been good at that moment, it changed my life

This is how the best years of my personal and professional life began, it is true!

But the pain caused by those words hurt me right here, right here, in my chest.

In summary, what we have here, in me.

A face that is not black and is not white.

If there was a war between blacks and whites, seeking control of Praça da República, I, and others like me, would be without the possibility of going one way or the other.

Prejudice ultimately destroys everything

In this way, in the middle of the square, with nowhere to protect ourselves, we would be the preferred targets of both parties and the conflict, so to speak, would only have a real start when all of us, the “neither nor”, ​​all fell, dead or agonizing enough that we also end up dead without the mercy of the bayonet!

With a little goodwill on both sides, maybe they would congratulate each other, giving the conflict over, after all, as our disappearance, I don't want to be giving ideas, you see (?), There was enough space in the square and the conflict lost its sense!

Damn cricket!

And how it hurts to see these things !!!

In the end, there is so much to learn about prejudice that I invite you to read a little more here, after all, knowledge does not occupy space right? 😉


And the wonderful thing to discover. See a text from my blog cited as a source on Wikipedia!

Ariane suggested the theme to me, prejudice I worked on it for a long time.
Having a page of my personal and work blog quoted on is more than a joy. I look silly here 🙂
Hello people!!! Afternoon float! I intended to have started the live on the face at 16:00. The unfortunate battery is gone!

Better that way! I think a little more, you have a little more time to watch the “so do dominguinho” and with a little more hope, more people come to watch! Coronavirus is a very serious thing and I “am not really sure what can be done with an economy in“ good condition ”KKK if everyone is bedridden. Sometimes our president-elect seems to be no different than a “youth project” that he typified well!

Reading suggested by Artificial Intelligence of this blog:

As much as I weigh and as much as there may be regrets, tonight I will sleep even happier!

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