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Stolen Childhood - Child Prostitution



I bring this theme to prostitution, “Back to the dance” because, I know how serious this is.

I lived, as a DJ, a good part of my life inside, euphemically speaking, houses of tolerance.

When I left the house, literally driven by terror, for fear of being whipped, for that would be what would have happened if I had not fled, I would have been beaten, probably even to death. Soon I'll put a text telling you how and why I know it, let's say, in advance.

Ser Profissional do Sexo não é crime. Crime é explorar e propiciar a prostituiçãoThe fact is that, as a homeless person, I fell into traps that I would rather not remember, but I remember and, for better or for worse, it was in a brothel, actually in the elevator shaft of the brothel, below the elevator, curled up in a Damp "carpet", smelling of mold, and I curled up on that carpet very happily, as it was the possible alternative to death. Why did the person responsible for the “night security” of the building, in fact a “puteiro” - that gives another text about something that, I believe, only exists like this and with this name, in sampa - received me after being reluctant between the fear of a night-time knocking on the puteiro (I had the modesty to write the word once, then later ..... rs, rs….) or my death, at the door of the building, due to the cold and rain that night, one night in that God wanted to make a kind of “radio-mix” of the Flood and he chose not to let me die, because it was with this argument, a beautiful name for emotional blackmail, that I forced him:

- "If you will not open the door, I do not have (absolute truth) anybody else to appeal (* these were not the words) and then, FUCK themselves, I'll sit here at your door and the police you will be asked why I am here! "


Infância Roubada – Prostituição Infantil, Blog Soropositivo.Org
My life is and always has been. Well, at this point in life there is no longer any doubt about the future. I found someone who truly loves me, the way I am, asking for small adaptations. It's a 16-year marriage, but a 21-year relationship! And, about this data, there is nothing I wanted to change, except the timing! If we could have met at the age of 24… and then it starts, if I had said the right thing to Vera, and I had not been deluded by a certain ordeal that flogged me so that I would abandon my real from those times, in the name of a love that never existed, because it didn't even resist the first breath of wind… if… and if… and if…. FUCK assumptions. I'm here, alive and kicking. Alive and jumping, even though I lost part of the movements of my left hand, I found, I don't know how, a way to be able to use the left hand indicator to type and, thus, my “productivity remains the same. Maze? Hypotheses? I think so, everyone lives inside one of these. And it was on these paths that I found Mara! Long Live the Creator of the Maze

Absolute cowardice on my part, and he gave in. But I told this story just to illustrate to you that, as I grew up within the environment of prostitution, I lived within this environment, "I grew up", and I was raised, in the streets and on the streets, seeing prostitution raging like fire under the tundra and, when "Fatima, the Face Girl Burned by Acid", and opened the doors to me of the long-closed Louvre, which was in Major Sertório Street, 178 prostitution was, for me, the only known way of life.

No transfers of "blame" or "responsibilities". What Is Done Is Done - What is Done is Done and, I feel more than I see, maybe this was the Architect's Plan ”. I do not know.

The great truth is that when I entered the Louvre to wash dishes, I was taking the "last step" toward what, let us say, would be, among many hypotheses within the "Labyrinth of Hypotheses" that this thing is, that I I call my life, whose real meaning began in a month of 1997 when, in the chat room for HIV positive people in UOL, a conquest of the "Hercules", As I was told by Lunaluz, a person so important and, it seems to me, we are destined for mismatch, he fought for the creation of the "Chat Room", an important media at the end of the 90 Decade of the 20th Century, which gave me the most important, wonderful, and impossible to be objectifiable opportunity to know Mara, my Wife without which I wouldn't even be alive ....

Dialogue with the Delegate

Returning to the Louvre and into prostitution, I saw, naturally, prostitution, and every person who opts for it is, in fact, a person who was literally placed there, in the face of his last possibility of choice, like that beautiful, in her mid-thirties, that I sang and explained to me that I was not there "for fun," because she had parents with Alzheimer and a couple of children with Síndrome de Down  and abandoned by a coward (my personal opinion instantly formed that night) who was her husband (Do not judge). But Exploration of Prostitution, was always a problem for me, and yet, whether I wanted to admit it or not, I lived at the expense of it, even if in an indirect way, and even a judge explained to me that, if arrested there, in a hypothetical police "Would enter (his word) as a victim".

In the face of my perplexity he went on:

"You see, do you consider exploitation of normal prostitution"?

I confessed, more by instinct than by "nobility of character" I said:


-"Yeah…. And I'm sure you don't know how to do anything other than work as a sleepover!

"I know how to break ice"!

"To freeze the beers that will be sold at the nightclub, will not you?

He smiled. And I mumbled embarrassed in the chair ....

- ”You still don't understand (I was 19 years old), but you are, yes, the victim of a System that appeals to prostitution for minors and adults of age by making advertisements in newspapers in other cities, mainly medium and small cities, ads talking about jobs in positions like "waitress", "receptionists" and with weekly financial withdrawals of extremely attractive values ​​(I translate this here, for this season, in 2018 - recoil of 10.000,00 / week or more) and they come. Some are, in spite and beautiful (I don't know what he meant by that) they live in extreme poverty and, if some understand what is happening and end up thinking: “Not having you, really going” and they stay! But there are, unfortunately, those who, having no money to return, having no one to ask for (at the time the telephone was a rich thing and I met a person who, “negotiating telephones”, acquired three apartments in Popular Housing systems (he died there almost 9 years and all this happened more than twenty years ago) and rented them.

Preoccupied, he watched and monitored what I would call the "movement," and with some startling precocity he sold all three, and with all the money he made, including what he did with the shares of the former TELESP, which were acquired with the purchase of the telephone line, he bought a respectable car (sic) and a property in a privileged area of ​​sampa.


Some, most of them, had nothing more than the "body clothes" and, with no way out, they submitted to it.

Vagão Plaza: Antro de Prostituição e,infelimente, de alguma forma é infelizmente, mas eu trabalhei ai
This is the Plaza Car, on a day when I was no longer “part of it”. Down there, in smoke, the sound booth. It was from there that I did my mixes - Those are the days

And if you ask me why they do not take advantage of the first "gain" value to go away, I say there is a reason for this, when there is.

The nightclub received the values ​​and held them until dawn from Saturday to Sunday.

And why they stay, I would not have been able to explain this, because each case is a case and from sixty to seventy percent of those who came, they stayed.

For me, when I entered the Louvre, with just over 17 years and six months, prostitution was "commonplace"!

And as I had bitter "bales" and bales, I came to "catch up".

And I continue this at another time, the truth is that I overcame myself, I traveled in time, not in mayonnaise, and if I have something else to say about this thing, prostitution is that although I lived naturally within the environment, the three women I have lived with, and I have not lived for more than three years, I have "taken them out of the night" and, if for some reason or another they hate me, they also know that in one way or another another, something good I left for them, and that, just me and them, each of my "pairs", know what it is ....

What I want to say is that, until about seventeen years ago, I still considered prostitution to be “appropriate in my life, in the sense of hiring (…) a program girl, since, in my opinion, nothing would be better than the well paid and well rendered services of a professional in the field.

Ledo mistake

It's never been so easy to rhyme!

Below, the text that forced me to write this short essay on prostitution

A Prostitution in Brazil is a professional activity recognized by the Ministry of Labor 1 that has no legal restrictions while practiced by adults.2 In the country, the sex tourism is a problem pointed out both by local government and international bodies, such as UNICEF in the case of child prostitution, A problem that affected more than 1000 municipalities and nearly half a million children in surveys 2005.3 4 5 Since 2004, the crime of prostitution of children and adolescents has increased, prompting the government to launch several government campaigns against child prostitution.4 6 7

The 2010 do Two State Department United States cites Brazil as "a source of men, women, boys and girls for forced prostitution in the country and abroad". The survey includes forced labor related to trafficking in women by criminal Goiás where girls and women go to countries such as Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, France, United States e Japan. There is also evidence of forced prostitution networks in neighboring countries such as Suriname, Guiana Francesa, Venezuela e Paraguay.8

Na Spain e Russia criminal organizations are set up for forced sex trafficking of Brazilians as well as Brazilians.8

Prostitution and sexual exploitation of minors

A Federal Highway Police report released in 2010 points out the existence of 1.820 risk points of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the country, with 67,5% of them located in urban areas. The sites do not necessarily indicate prostitution, but that of catalytic elements such as alcoholic beverages, presence of illumination and community councils.9

Advertisements common prostitutes in Brazil

The highest concentration is in the Northeast, with 545, followed by Southern with 399 risk points. Then come the regions Southeast, with 371, the Midwest, with 281 points. THE NorthWith 224 points, is the last ranking.10

Child Prostitution on the Internet

Today, the websites that promote the work of call girls. Many choose to build Blogs in order to avoid the monthly, fortnightly or even weekly payments for the dissemination of your photos on specialized websites. Others prefer the more guaranteed return that the advertisement on specific sites promises to give.

Search and comment tools for the works of the 11 escorts have gained notoriety in recent years, receiving, on the part of their users, a status of regulatory agencies of the activity in the country. In practice, in sites of this type, customers can check whether their intended companions are well-judged by their usual users, having a parameter of how their services work and even the prices one can expect to pay. They also exchange information about each other about the veracity of the photos and information provided on these sites.12

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Editor's Note

My crusade is against child prostitution and sexual abuse of minors. I met many victims of "it" and all the people who, one day, only God knows why, but, usually because I picked them up with documents, at a time when I worked as a DJ and I was left with the accumulation of a job with a sound title of “HEAD OF BALLERINA ”.

And yes, in this aspect I feel victim, because I accumulated another function or STREET!

And, the fact is that, despite everything and, as “boss of them! 

Once one reaches, with conditions, the mature age and decides everything goes whoring because of their free will.

A girl of 12 years does not have the intellectual and / or moral / emotional conditions to even understand what this is. What would one say then about whether to choose, or not.

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