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Soropositivo.Org Needs Help, Expenses Are Everyday

It is not easy to do this, but I need help!

Soropositivo.Org, The Seropositive Blog needs YOUR help


Hello. Soropositivo.Org, The Blog Dos Soroposopos was published and officially online, on the 1st of August 2000. 

I never imagined that it would last for 20, 21 years. I don't think anyone plans to do something like that.

Not with a blog!

I was very sad with Pondé the other day, because he said the following?

"Of course, if you give" any fifty sticks in the hand of a blogger, as was said before, he says what you want "

See: It lasts less than a minute ...

I've been working on this blog for almost 21 years and I never accepted money for text, in the same way that, as a DJ, I never played music for money.

If you get here “Pangaré”, get to know the history of the Soropositivo Blog

I DO NOT DO JABÁ, a sordid term, coined at the time when there was no Internet, for those who charged for playing music, for reviewing books, for interviewing people. At that time, pangaré, when there was no internet, there were also no bloggers ...


I want a formal apology. It is not a question of moral damage and money. As Machado de Assis said: "If the blood washed something, this would be the moment". But it is not!

This is another reason why I end up needing help, because, month by month, often day-to-day, I have expenses and pangarés so to speak shit.

The fact is that I saw so many blogs and websites of people living with HIV, or companies trying to work in the HIV / AIDS field, stay a year, in some cases less, two, three, or even six years, and then end their activities which I ended up considering to be too important to continue with mine.

After all, this is the “one that will survive”! And I ended up feeling responsible for this thing, which is "informing you".

Not that he sees me as irreplaceable.

It would be ridiculous to believe something similar, because ..., besides there is no such irreplaceable ...

 Cemeteries are full of irreplaceable.

Soropositivo.Org Precisa de Ajuda, As Despesas São Cotidianas, Blog Soropositivo.Org

But I have my personal commitment to quality. And it was no less than that that I won, in 2013, the award for best personal blog, Health category, by the Top Blog Brasil contest. The award was granted by the Academic Jury and, I believe, was the biggest of all the awards I received! The only online blog that received this was mine and, in order to do all justice, and to honor those who work hard, and achieved the same thing, Solidariedaids, whose name ended up appearing on taxi stickers and a lot more, from Paulo Giacommini, also received this award, which, in fact, also raises the bar for my work!

Moreover, read this interview and see, from both respondents, who is still here, online, and who is REALLY COMMITTED to you.

Soropositivo.Org Precisa de Ajuda, As Despesas São Cotidianas, Blog Soropositivo.Org

Soropositivo.Org Precisa de Ajuda, As Despesas São Cotidianas, Blog Soropositivo.Org
This is just to make a point. Of the AIDS Blogs at the moment, mine is the only one that received this trophy. The Other, and I tried to reach it but I didn't find it, is Solidariedaids, by Paulo Giacomini. Well ... It's the guy, right, Beto ?!


Like him, Paulo, my commitment is to quality. 

And look: this “Paulo” entrusted to me the creation of the blog of the National Network of People Living With HIV / AIDS.

A Great Responsibility

A great honor, an important moment and an immense opportunity. Because, with him, I was able to learn things that ,. In my heart, it didn't even arouse!

In search of the best response against HIV / AIDS in my life, because it was also about that, and for people, at certain times I went beyond common sense and put my resources, which perhaps I should direct to other sectors of my life. life, straight into the blog.




Amateurism is That Doing for Love and freaking out in Batatinha

Crazy? Swept crazy? As a doctor, we all have a little…

I remember having worked on making a website for an architect, over 14 years ago, and having heard her say that she hated working with amateurs. 

Have you never wanted to take a missile out of your wallet and launch it at an imbecile?


I explained to her that amateurs, in general, are those who love what they do and,

they often pay to work because they work for love.

This, the amateur, is me. I love what I do and within that I find, among other things, the joy of helping others, the happiness of collecting some “tacit smiles” from

part of God, our Eternal Father, and the certainty of having a purpose. I was a homeless person. Not once or twice, but three. and the third was precisely because of the HIV positive diagnosis, given almost live and in color.

The Perpetual Moto

In a way, I “was reported” and the world collapsed on me when the content of the complaint became clear. And when I lived on the streets, what I lacked most was work. It is a perpetual motorcycle that he is a homeless person; without a house, you don't have a bathroom, a bed, two changes of clothes. Do I need to proceed?

You can learn more by honoring me with your visit here, on my podcast, (MHNMDR) Memoirs of a Man of the Night and a Street Child.

No, I know. The fact is that being a street dweller made me a "workaholic"! And one in need of work.

That excerpt from Fagner's lyrics, “Guerreiro Menino”, translates me well:

… A man humbles himself

Castrate your dream

Your dream is your life

And life is work

And without your work

A man has no honor

And without your honor

If he dies, he kills himself ...

I Must Have A Purpose

The Soropositivo Blog helps me to have a purpose, to be someone useful, someone who, despite all the regrets, still manages to be productive within society! And, if I had to pay for it, readers, readers, it was very well paid and yes, it was worth every penny!

However ... Yes ...


At the end of 2014 things got complicated. After having been without benefit since 2009, the resources I used on that waltz were exhausted.


But happiness knocked on my door! Miracles thousand, I managed to fall in love with, the company that runs!

And I got the free hosting for a period of three years. A service that, called perfect, still does not receive all the praise it deserves! The support would be renewable for another three years and so it was!

A reader's suggestion that justifies my work:

54% of HIV carriers on the planet do not know they are carriers, but more than half are aware of it


I didn't get sponsorship

But, readers and readers, I am not a big dealer and I arrived here, without sponsorship, without support and without benefit, with the need to raise R $ 996,00 until April 11, 2021, in order to renew the hosting contract for one more year.

Or Everything can end.

I have some friends who have helped me a lot, a lot and a lot over the years and, it is not a matter of pride, it is a matter of respect, I cannot ask for help, not again.

Not for them.

So, I ask you, who came to this blessed paragraph of the text, I ask you a question:

Is this blog useful to you?

Has he ever served as your support, support, source of hope?


Can you cooperate? Even with "apparently very little"?


Excellent! For if the answer to these two questions is yes, please think of those who are yet to get here, on this blog, and find support, hope, information, support, welcome and the certainty that they will! There is life with HIV. 

This QR Code is a PIX for my bank account at [email protected] (it is simple, fast, free and SAFE). And about the Blog, well, check this out, THIS FACE's opinion.

It doesn't take two minutes.

And it was one of the biggest honors!


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