There is life with HIV

What is HIV? And what does he do?

Why, if we don't treat each other, does he end up taking our life?

What is HIV by Author AndrewLozovyi at depositphotos

O que é HIV? E o que ele Faz?, Blog Soropositivo.Org What is HIV?  Well, it's the acronym for an expression: Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Which, in good Portuguese, would represent “Human Immunodeficiency Virus”, or SIV! But…

Anyway, without treatment, it leads you, little by little, towards AIDS, or AIDS, the Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This particular virus was identified in the 1980s and belongs to a group of viruses called 'retrovirus'.

So, we started to explain, in a nutshell, What is HIV?

HIV attacks the immune system and gradually causes damage. This may mean that, without treatment and care, a person with HIV is at risk of developing serious infections and cancers that a healthy immune system would face.

The latest news and research on how HIV works

Current HIV treatment works by reducing the amount of HIV in the body so that the immune system can function normally. This does not completely eliminate HIV, but with the right treatment and care, someone with HIV can expect a long and healthy life.

HIV is present in the blood, genital fluids (semen, vaginal fluids and moisture in the rectum) and in breast milk.

The main ways in which the virus can be transmitted to other people are:

  • during anal, vaginal and oral sex unprotected,
  • sharing the injection equipment and
  • from mother to baby during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

But there are ways to prevent HIV infection in all of these situations.

A test can tell you if you have HIV. If you do, this is described as being a carrier of the AIDS virus and also as being HIV positive.

The Soropositive Blog seeks to explain what HIV is

Word I chose, in August 2000, to represent the blog, to me, and to many people like me.

Knowing what this virus is, I believed in those days, would be a way of helping people, in an imperative imperative way, that any person, anyone, no matter how “virtuous” it is believed, and I met very virtuous women before from the public, and deliciously "indecent" in the discretion of their alcoves that, like me, risked and risked everything for sensory "self-realization" and, like me, candidates for the virus, crowned with the virus.

There is no shame or demerit in being so.

HIV is not a crime

HIV does not change a person's character

Silvia Almeida

The problem is proving to be a well of virtue (ridiculous thing) and then chasing people like me (absurdly hypocritical thing) in the name of defending morals and good manners.

In this way, translating a text like this, translating as many texts as this one, on this blog, with the information and the name I chose, were never really enough, and now, after almost twenty years, I tremble at the base realizing that I may be heading towards the end of it all, with unmatched gratitude, for all that God has allowed me to accomplish.

That was it. Seropositivo.Org was created to show that yes, there is life with HIV!

Do not despair, try to understand what HIV is and move your life forward

I believe that, at least in that, I have had great successes.

What is HIV? And what does he do? It was translated at dawn on Sunday, February 21, 2021, at around 01:30 am, by Cláudio Souza, of the text by Roger Pebody "what is HIV“?, For AIDSMap - The sources are mentioned below.


Source of matter: What's HIV How HIV Workshttps: //

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