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Viral charge! What is it, and what are viral load tests for?

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[su_dropcap style = ”flat” size = ”5 ″] [/ su_dropcap] there guys, good afternoon! Viral charge is the term used to describe the amount of HIV in a body fluid.

Viral load tests

Material para exame de carga viral. sangue, em um tubo nas mãos de uma técnica em testes de carga Viral
A laboratory technique in a viral load test

Well, I know it's scary when you see the first one!

These viral load measures the amount of HIV in a small blood sample and this is one of the tests that will be performed regularly to monitor their health and help inform treatment decisions..

My first one of them showed me something above terrifying three million and a little more!

When I saw the result, desatinado went out and "ran over a bus!"

Yes Yes Yes! You did not read wrong and I did not even want to say anything else. Maybe I'll tell them another day!

The Test Scare! This test, the viral load, yes, it scares!

The Viral Load Test. It scares and beats. But do not bite after you start to treat!

But after you get the medication and talk to other people about it, and see that they are well, it helps you feel better and clear things up for you!

Surely you can say that it is difficult to find someone to talk to. Well I know, but you

Since the end of 2017, perhaps a little earlier, the viral load has been monitored every six months and the CD4 count is made at the beginning of treatment, to check the immunological condition of the newly diagnosed.

Then every six months. AND from 18 months to count of CD4 may even be no longer monitored, except if we do it to measure eventual therapeutic falls and also to investigate the whys of a opportunistic infection! The result of a viral load test is described as the “copy” number of HIV genetic material (RNA) per milliliter (copies / ml).

The result of the viral load test is always a number

Usually your doctor will only give the result of your viral load test as a number.

Well, there are a number of different viral load tests at each use, using a slightly different technique to measure the number of HIV particles in the blood.

And so, all tests are equally reliable in determining a high, medium or low viral load. However, each test has a limit below which it can not reliably detect HIV. This is referred to as being undetectable viral load ". “

Teste de carga viral
Scientific police on the scene of feminicide

Undetectable viral load is generally defined as below 50 copies / ml. Until recently, this was the lowest detectable level for tests most commonly used in routine viral load monitoring. There are now some ultra-sensitive tests that can measure below 20 copies / ml.

High Viral Load Is Not A Reason For Panic! Is A Guide In Therapeutics,

A Map! A Compass for the Doctor

“The viral load test investigates your clinical / laboratory status at the beginning of therapy, as well as the reduction of viral load in your blood.

And also, if the HIV treatment is working and the viral load in the blood is reduced, and not in other body fluids ”.

I, Claudius, while respecting and abiding by the foundations of science, I know that medicine is not an absolute science, and if the undetectable is equal to the non-transmissible, sperm HIV has already been found in people with undetectable viral load;

This is not to say that there may not be HIV in the sample, just that the number of copies is something between 0 and 50.

Having an undetectable viral load is a good thing. It should help your immune system recover and stay strong, reducing the chance of developing opportunistic diseases.

Translator's note: I cannot leave this point this way, because it is relatively obscure. I met and lost people who lived well, with undetectable viral loads, CD4 above 900 - !!! - and, even so, they were affected by the development of AIDS-related neoplasms ...

Amarylis Was Not A Case Of AIDS

We lost a friend under these circumstances.

Initially, she became mysterious with sudden and repeated trips to a doctor…. Well, shortening the story the truth is that in one year she lost her life and, in my opinion, he, the doctor, should have ordered an MRI scan for a person with HIV and duplicated vision. It was lymphoma. A disease like this does not allow errors and delays

When "the thing exploded," nothing could be done 🙂

We have lost it in a devastatingly short period: Ten days!!!


So I advise caution in this regard and a very serious conversation with your infectologist about it, and look for a neurologist to live on an observation basis if you have a health plan that can enable you to establish this routine or even if you has material resources that can give you possibilities to do so).

Among people with the same CD4 count, those with higher viral loads tend to have a faster disease progression than those with lower viral loads. 

This advice is part of a final reality and fortunately distant! We have the treatment so fast we are diagnosed and have our CD4 measured. And this is done promptly, on schedule for the shortest possible time!

This is due to the Start Study, which redefined the reality of our treatments at the “Civilized world”, after proving that the best therapeutic and economic sculptures. I hope that the current federal administration will do their homework, note that it is much smarter, even from an economic point of view - I am looking for texts in the midst of almost 4000 texts - treating people living with HIV / AIDS and maintaining them with their preserved immune systems, than sponsoring a disassembled treatment, with an evident ideological bias, based on religious prejudice!

Not even Christ can take any more of what has been done under the pretext of acting on his behalf….

DEALING WITH MY BANK AND DATA, ONLY EVEN the Ministry of Health COULD HAVE such a comprehensive database -

I work painfully long (***19 *** years ***) is expensive, no feature offered to maintain the system.

Viral Load High High Probability of Evolution Toward AIDS

The more HIV in your blood, which is to say that the higher your viral load, the faster your CD4 cells, the target HIV cells that command the immune system, commander in chief to fight infections, will be reduced, the greater the risk of becoming ill because of HIV, more precisely with opportunistic infections.

Changes in your viral load over time, along with other indications, in particular your CD4 count and the presence of HIV-related symptoms, can help you decide when to start treatmentMeste

Treatment Maintenance and Treatment Monitoring

The effective HIV treatment results in a reduction in viral load. If you are starting treatment or stop treatment, your doctor should perform a viral load test to determine a "line" before starting or changing the drug, followed by another test four to twelve weeks later to see how much your viral load has gone down.

For most people, HIV treatment can reduce the amount of HIV to "undetectable". Undetectable viral load is the target for treatment of HIV. If you are taking HIV treatment and have an undetectable viral load, HIV is much less likely to develop resistance to the drugs used to treat and also the risk of falling ill because of HIV is reduced.

The amount of time it takes to achieve undetectable viral load can vary and after six months in your first combination, your viral load should ideally have gone below 50 copies / ml.

The best results of HIV treatment are seen in people who take all doses of their anti-HIV drugs as prescribed. This is sometimes referred to as Grip.

Adherence is a Capital Need! Avoid At All Dose of One Dose at All Costs! Treat yourself spartanly and, if you can, Draconianly.

When I became HIV-positive I ate, yes, the bread that the devil kneaded with his butt! After making sure I could not adjust to the routine (forgive me those who work seriously! I've never seen you !!!) of abuse against me, I opted for the streets!

The only problem, and I evoked this reminder to reach this paragraph:

Medicines, against HIV or to treat anemia, often depend on their longer stay in the organism, some call this "half-life" I call the bioavailability window.

This thing implies some food “rituals”, such as fasting or eating before taking the “thing itself”

Please see: Please follow my reasoning for a few minutes in the first person:

I gave up the support house and, strangely enough, went back to the streets. I just woke up.

I am here, lying in a pair of Jose Paulino Street, a street of intense commerce, with people passing from one side to the other and the shame of being on the sidewalk hurts more than the fear of dying.

I have been fasting for almost 9 hours and I have a small amount here, which guarantees me a “pingado” and a bread and butter. But I have to keep fasting for another hour, as the time has come to take DDI - Renato Russo describes the experience of taking this "thing" as "eating a live dog!

Have you ever eaten a live dog? I do not think so. But you think of swallowing a poodle without shearing ... please.

The point of the matter is that I can't take any more hunger, my mouth is dry, the feeling that I open my mouth, twelve million bats will come out of my mouth. I depend on these devil's remedies to keep the hope that, in the next test, we didn't know, doctors and patients.

I don't give you a result. If you are able to follow the routine and are a determined and strong person you will hold your own, take the damn IDD and after an hour (think about every minute ...) you can finally eat and go back to “your life” )!….

In the streets, with the risk of death or not, it was much easier for me to endure that, the cold and the armed clutches

Viral load blips

People with undetectable viral loads may experience small increases in their viral load from time to time. These are often called “blipes” and usually the viral load will increase between undetectable to 100 or 200 copies / ml before going back down, to be undetectable in the next test. This does not indicate that the treatment is failing. However, if your viral load increases above 50, but below 500 copies / ml and remains there, it could indicate that your treatment is not working as well as it should and that you and your doctor should discuss whether you need to change the treatment.

Vaccines and infections can cause temporary increases in viral load and you and your doctor can decide on a viral load test for one month after illness or vaccination.

The resistance test

If you are having HIV treatment and your viral load rises above 200 copies / ml, it may be because HIV has become resistant to a drug.

Resistance tests can be performed to see which of the drugs you are taking has become resistant to HIV. If you have developed resistance to a drug you may also be resistant to other similar drugs that have not been taken - this is called cross-resistance and a resistance test should also indicate which drug will be effective for you. There are many anti-HIV drugs available; you can find out more about these in our anti-HIV Drugs booklet (see

Viral load and HIV transmission

If you have a high viral load in your blood, then you may also have a high viral load in other body fluids, including your semen or vaginal fluid. Having a high viral load means that HIV can be transmitted more easily.

As well as reducing the viral load in your blood, HIV treatment also reduces viral load in other body fluids.

For women living with HIV who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, HIV treatment to reduce viral load is an important part of preventing your baby from becoming infected. In the UK, because of the high standards of care (as defined in the British HIV Association guidelines), the risk of transmitting the virus from mother to child is very low. For women who are on effective HIV treatment and who have an undetectable viral load, the risk of transmission to their baby is 0,1%, or one in a thousand.

There has been much discussion about how likely it is that HIV can be transmitted during sex when someone living with HIV is being treated effectively and has an undetectable viral load. Of course, having an undetectable viral load significantly reduces the risk of HIV being transmitted.

For example, a study of observing couples in which one partner has HIV and the other finding no transmission during a two-year period when the HIV-positive partner was taking HIV treatment and had an undetectable viral load.

However, it is not clear whether the undetectable viral load completely removes the risk of HIV being transmitted.

In particular,  undetectable viral load in the blood does not necessarily that the viral load is undetectable in other body fluids.

Viral load may fluctuate between regular tests and other factors can increase the likelihood that HIV will be transmitted, as one partner has sexually transmitted infections.

Carga Viral! O que é, E Para Que Servem Testes de Carga Viral?, Blog Soropositivo.Org

You can read more about this in our Viral load and transmission - a factsheet for people with HIV and we recommend that you talk to someone from your clinical staff about it.


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