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What is the normal CD4 count?

What is the standard CD4 count? How important is CD4 in health ...

But you must understand that the answer to this question, alone, may not help much. That is why viral load is requested and other markers need to be analyzed globally. You need to know and understand that interpreted in isolation they can lead to misunderstandings.

[su_dropcap style = ”flat” size = ”4 ″] B [/ su_dropcap] em, I need to explain that, at a certain moment, I lost, my love of life!

And it was almost once and for all!

I almost didn't destroy my possibilities! And it had everything to do with a drop in CD4 count!

Rapid determination of CD4 cell count improves the success rate in clinical follow-up.


The use of rapid determination tests of CD4 cell count it increases the chances that people diagnosed with HIV infection will be successfully referred to health care.

For when using the testing and counseling services of people with or without HIV.

South African researchers published their data in the issue online do Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and we have the following:

“The results obtained showed that the integration in mobile proximity services (point of care) CD4 cell count it can increase the percentage of patients who accept the proposed referral and make at least one consultation.

In 2010, there were about 13.5 million HIV tests in South Africa.
Although the percentage of successful diagnoses is unknown, there is evidence that it was a low rate.

CD4 Count Determined Beginning of Treatment Until Blessed Start Appeared

The average CD4 cell count at the time they start antiretroviral therapy is well below 200 cells / mm.3. However, in early 2011, the threshold for starting antiretroviral treatment increased to 350 cells / mm3.
It was approximately around that that my infection, Dr. Sigrid, was finally able to re-prescribe my treatment..
You might be thinking: Repraise?

Yes. In the year and 2001 I suffered a great emotional shock and I do not intend to tell the story.

However, I stopped the treatment, I wanted to let myself die.

And yes, I do one the Mea culpa!

Betrayal of Confidence!

I assume that betrayed the trust of a friend. This is a fact.
But I call for leniency! Even if I wanted to, I couldn't deny it. I made the mess of abandoning my treatment!
I was not master of myself and my psychiatrist, who can document this, saw I had gone through two crises of "psychogenesis".
In those days I could not, no longer, not in those proportions, endure so much suffering, because I was approaching the portals of madness!
Do you wanna know? The sufferings had these bases.

  • Moral;
  • Emotional;
  • Affective;
  • There was a loss of the meaning of life;
  • Complete loss of love for life.
  • Hatred (against those who generated the seizures)
  • Much had been promised to me, and everything had been taken from me without anything being given.

My Treatment Abandonment

And I endured as I could. Dr. Valeria, my psychiatrist and friend wrote, and I read upside down that she had never met a personality as strong and resilient as mine.
And it seemed, that, and I add, finally, my ability to reinvent myself was fall.

Seeing this question I simply disappeared from the office. Maybe it was the biggest mistake of my life, but I don't think so.
The result of all this

And so much so that I abandoned the treatment.
Not being able to kill me, I determined my end, based on the stop with the medication! I was not well!
And he lived alone in a dismal building in Vila Buarque, the round one.
And all I wanted was this, a date with this lovely lady!
Death with a scythe in the dark misty forest
I was waiting for her, every damn night, with the door unlocked…. And she just sent the message: Not today!… ..


The membership group of the late, extinct and already dismembered Casa da AIDS came to me.
It convinced me to resume my treatment. But the medication had become unavailable to people with my CD4 count.

And after all, these days, October 31st of 2019, all I have to say about all that I adopted was an unbeatable procedure!
On your own “Of a love” (sic) who taught me that “love shows itself living”.
And yet, and without effect, she didn't show, living, who can love even a cicada.
But this was a big cowardice that I wrote. This is not true!

Where is she?
I don't know, and honestly, it doesn't matter anymore! Decidedly not! No longer!

Rapid HIV Detection Fundamental to Quality of Life of Treatment Person

So, so-called “rational” people, the exams have to be reliable and they are. Especially in SUS. And anyone who prescribes Viral Load to clear up HIV infection does not know what he is doing or is it a Big Charlatão

In summary, the same thing! (the golden color ...)

This will only be possible if people are diagnosed early and are immediately referred for specialist care.
Storing and counseling services can provide an opportunity for early diagnosis of HIV infection. The researchers wanted to see if the possibility of performing rapid CD4 cell counts tests for people using this type of service would be associated with an increase in first-time specialist HIV visits.
Rapid CD4 cell count tests provide credible results in approximately 20 minutes.

It was done in South Africa

The study population included sick 508 in Gauteng province who were diagnosed in mobile stocking services in 2010.
Folks, a tiny country where democracy has resumed its lameness less than 50 years ago has services like this!
No one seems to have thought of that. Never, truly never in the history of HIV / AIDS in this country has there been anything like this. And, see:
The average age was 33 years, 60% were women, and 40% had previously had an HIV test.
A total of 311 patients (61%) were offered CD4 cell counts; to the remaining 197 individuals (39%) no. All patients were referred for HIV consultation within eight weeks!

CD4 Counting Tracking

The researchers contacted the patients by telephone to see if they had attended the appointment.
Approximately 62% of participants were contacted successfully.
Overall, 59% of patients who had been tested for HIV and CD4 cell counts attended the consultation, compared with 47% of those not able to perform CD4 cell counts.

The test has a double moral / psychological effect:

If, on the one hand, there was a knock, on the other hand the person could see that he was still, and it was only up to him to remain that way. one was beginning to treat oneself to keep immunity at a good level.
However, to those who, in addition to the deliberate knock of the diagnosis, followed by a hook, a punch, up and down the chin, they realized that it was a matter of treating or treating.

Not a difficult choice, in the overwhelming majority of cases. I have a sad memory and maybe I will tell this other story, which is from ORKUT time! Do not know what it is 🙂! You're very young!!!

After controlling for factors such as age, gender and previous history of HIV status.
And the researchers concluded that rapid CD4 cell count tests were associated with a significant increase in the likelihood of attending the first HIV specialist consultation (RR = 1.23; 95% CI, 1.00-1.57).

Testing + CD4 Increases Success

Further analysis confirmed the association between rapid testing and successful referral. This refers to sick 263 who accepted rapid testing and received CD4 cell count results. Because, for the truth's sake, this analysis showed that performing rapid CD4 cell count tests increased the possibility of attending the appointment by about 1 / 3 (RR = 1.31; 95% CI, 1.04-1.64).
The researchers believe that the increase in referral for care with the CD4 rapid cell measurement test "is sufficient to warrant consideration of the adoption of this large-scale intervention."

People with CD4 Counts Below 350 Need Closer Monitoring

People receiving the rapid test results averaged 414 CD4 / mm3 cells.
About 17% of patients had a CD4 cell count below 200 / mm3 (the old and absurd threshold to start antiretroviral therapy) and 44% had a count below 350 CD4 cells / mm3, the new threshold for starting treatment at risk of serious opportunistic diseases.
Thus, 56% would not be eligible to start treatment and thus it was very likely that they would not attend the appointment compared to patients with CD4 cell counts below 200 / mm3 (RR = 0.74; 95% CI, 0.55-0.97).
I want to add here that the Esall start changed these guidelines wherever there was a serious and truly patriotic politician who cared about his patients as well.
Even because treating patients before they develop AIDS allows these people, in one way or another, to find themselves a professional occupation, even as service providers. This argument earned me this:
Ahoka Empreenderos Sociais

Encouraging Results

"The results are very encouraging, suggesting integrating CD4 rapid cell testing into routine testing offered by mobile services may increase follow-up patients in specialized HIV care," comment the researchers.
However, they note that their study did not answer some questions.
These include the reasons for accepting or rejecting the rapid test and the cost effectiveness of the service.
“The role that CD4 rapid cell count tests and other rapid tests become accessible remains an important research topic.
The role that CD4 rapid cell count tests and other rapid tests become accessible remains an important research topic."
Translated Claudio Souza the original HIV testing
Next Publication on November 02 HIV Transmission and Risks


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