There is life with HIV

Stigma With These People Living With HIV I Do not See Anything Wrong With Them

Prejudice: I See Nothing Wrong "In These People"

Good to watch before you read, it will be worth a lot!

I came across, right here in the Fan Page of Blog Soropositivo.Org on Facebook, an individual saying that he doesn't see anything too much "in these people"! I understood the message well and, as far as I could see, there was no “evil or malice in speech".

There was “these people” and, understand, in these people it subliminally includes me and, certainly, a large part of “these people” are us, people living with HIV or AIDS who, discretionarily, are described as these people .

“In These People,” he writes, while referring to people living with HIV / AIDS

Good! Evil is nipped in the bud, it's true. But in this case, it's about clearing an entire forest, so it's important to argue well!

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Positive (+) is no different sign!

We people living with HIV or AIDS are not “these people”.

Gilberto Gil says it well: You, nefarious person!… You veered away from this bad mood that crawls so low on the ground

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We are people! And I emphasize:PEOPLE

We are fathers and mothers of families! And in some cases, we support families, the ones that keep them standing (families and, raining in the wet, see this:

Look what a cool example!

Estigma Com Essas Pessoas Vivendo Com HIV Eu Não Vejo Nada Errado Com Elas, Blog Soropositivo.Org
A Simple Virus

I have a friend who “admires my intelligence”, is her exaggeration because of my ability to perceive in an “X or W” situation, maybe Z or “@” based on my ability to listen.

Yes Yes! I have great listening, or it wouldn't have been the award-winning DJ I was!

But I struggled for a while with a blogger who never introduced himself, never said his name, never put a face there.

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And I Asked What Activist P **** Is This That Doesn't Show the Face?

I read some of his justifications in an interview where we were both interviewed, and honestly?

“Flaccid Tertulias for vacuum sleeping”!

What does it matter to me if the Unconscious Country does not receive people living with HIV there, tourism? And a big trivialization of AIDS, in part because of an unfulfilled promise to have “a cure for AIDS by 2020”!

I really hope they keep their promises, because at 00: 01 from 2021 something will be published, charging every "It" and every "beat" of that "promise."

At the time there was even an imbecile who signs Ledos (Ledos Misleading?) That there is no mortecsocial and that, today, living with HIV, you will probably be with better health than before and that today (…) just take a pill, just like his boyfriend who, when he goes to the club (…) just delay the dose!

And that little dog? 

Nothing, Go or Stay?

Because he, well, he prefers to use a condom! But why, after all, if health improves afterwards? This is the precautionary message that we want, as people living with HIV “transmit”.

I do not. And I can bet that 98% of the people who follow this blog are in line with my thoughts !!!

Pessoas Vivendo Com HIV
This image is the view of the sunset from the Italy Terrace! How many are there, in this view, people living with HIV without even imagining it! Doesn't it change anything?

You know, a lot of people cook and cut the tomatoes in the salad.

This guy, apparently, really likes raw tomatoes!

One-third of Brazil's Economically Active Force would refuse to work alongside people living with HIV or AIDS (* people like that, or this way, whatever you want).

Estigma Com Essas Pessoas Vivendo Com HIV Eu Não Vejo Nada Errado Com Elas, Blog Soropositivo.Org
If you want Tomato Salad, click on the image!

And I stay here, from me to myself, wondering if among those who refuse to work alongside a person living with HIV they would not be, and that is, again, raining in the wet while the squeegee passes, if these people , once “raised” to the condition of _entrepreneurs_, if they would be able to “Give work to one of these people”… (…)….

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