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Acute HIV Infection! What is It?

Acute HIV infection, and the truckload of nonsense that is said about it, is something that led me to look up this text with someone from the medical field that I trust. And in this way, I chose, of course. one of the three infectologists who took care of me, who helped me stay alive for six years! It's for you to trust: I believe so! If not, you'd better plant beans!

Primary HIV infection is a very controversial subject. And I see, here in my Whats App, the big dolly that is in people's heads and, checking some pages, including some “health professionals” that remind me more of “slot machines” type than with doctors!

I will address this issue here, with the support of a professional to clarify, in short, Acute HIV Infection

I dare not say, but my life story taught me to be suspicious seventeen hundred times before trusting one. Because it was trusting that I went to Hell for the first time. And for the second, third, fourth…. My life is full of trips to hell!

The problem is that misinformation leads to mistrust, and how I understand it! Well, I did a research on primary HIV infection in December and after reading and re-reading, I chose a text as the best and the most reliable, regarding the description of what it looks like, and for how long it can last and from what time it can not and could not exist!

And when I finished this paragraph I remembered a certain episode in a science fiction series, Voyager, in which the "Doctor" recited an excerpt from Hippocrates' oath, from which I put a part in this early text and promise the link to the end of the text.

The Oath of Hippocrates Should permeate the Line of reasoning of who, in the name of Medicine, speaks of Primary HIV Infection


I don’t know, HIV infection can be a barn or a farm and I don’t even realize it…

It would be good for these health professionals to rethose this oath each morning, before they begin their work, their activities. Notice that I do not blame you for earning a living by practicing medicine. I deplore that it generates misinformation to exploit fear.

And I know that the Vulture's Club would feel extremely offended if I compared such people to them. Let's go to work on Primary HIV Infection.

You see, I know the importance and gravity of this Text on Primary HIV Infection! I'm not here to play, I've achieved what comes down, working very seriously:

Infecção Aguda Por HIV! O que é Isso Afinal?, Blog Soropositivo.Org

Soropositivo.Org - Há Vida com HIB - Top Blog Brasil Saude Jurí Acadêmico na Categoria Pessoal Saúde

And we have a Certain Road Time and I can talk about Primary HIV Infection

I started this work, this text, I started it from a translation that, I realized, was out of date and, not being able to trust any source, about that, at this moment I did something that I do not always do.

I looked for references to a person I could trust. And so I ended up going to seek help in a medical Infectologist, Researcher and working in academic training of other professionals for the same area, infectology

But, above all, a person to whom I entrusted the maintenance of my health and survival, thank you very much, Doctor, for all this, for more than six years and what comes down, in the “technical, result is the result of good will help me try to help. Those who know me, and there are many, are sure that I sought the best, because I am like that. I don't do it for less !!!

Symptoms. The Damn Word. Symptoms, Symptoms, Symptoms .... Somatization


The viral load test can be faster.

But ...: initially, it, the viral load, does not always rise as in the case of elite controllers. If the person is on PrEP, the expectation is that there will be no detectable virus

Oh, I do not do PrEP or PEP. But you're sure not to be an elite controller. In addition, this situation is quite different from when we are faced with mono-like syndrome patients, already mentioned, where high plasma virus counts are expected and there may be errors.

The best thing to do is to take an exam at the time you are at risk of exposure. Or as soon as you realize, and if the 72 hours have not passed, situations requiring PEP are considered medical emergencies. Make the PEP! And do it consistently.

[penci_blockquote style = ”style-2 ″ align =” right ”author =” Disk AIDS - 0800 16 25 50 ″ font_weight = ”200 ″ font_style =” normal ”uppercase =” true ”text_size =” 15 ″] people who perform PEP consistently do not seroconvert. [/ penci_blockquote]

In any case in persisting doubt, in case of indeterminate test by Western blot (larger window of seroconversion), repeat the test in 30 days. Under no circumstances and with any type of current serological test (nor third generation) can seroconversion occur after six weeks of contact. And that, as I say, liquidates the invoice.
and I go back to my parody.

Accept the Non-Reagent Result when it comes

Learn the lesson, reflect a little. I'm working on a text about it and do an intimate overhaul!

Then take things in a good mood and accept my parody:

If I were Jesus I would say: “Go and not”….

Call, pay attention, or, as he used to say to Phil,

Watch the ball… (I was so sleepy Filó)
Some definitions about Primary HIV Infection:

a) Primary HIV infection (IHP) is defined as the 6 to 12 weeks between exposure to HIV and the appearance of anti-HIV antibodies (this definition varies with the methodology used for diagnosis, with the first generation assays arrived to be 3 months, so this variation in definition. With the current methodology, the maximum allowed period is 45 days);

b) Acute HIV infection (AHI) begins with HIV detection of plasma ribonucleic acid (RNA) and ends when they appear anti-HIV antibodies.

Primary infection can be symptomatic in 65 to 95% of patients and this occurs within 12 to 42 days of contact (Reference: Henn A, Flateau C, Gallien S. Primary HIV Infection: Clinical Presentation, Testing, and Treatment. Curr Infect Dis Rep. 2017 Sep 7; 19 (10): 37.doi: 10.1007 / s11908-017-0588-3)

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