There is life with HIV

HIV viral load tests or what to do?

HIV viral load and CD4 count tests are done just before you start your treatment

Viral load if you are on HIV treatment

Your viral load should start to decrease as soon as you start treatment. Taking the right treatment every day offers the best chance of working.

If you are having difficulty taking your treatment. And it is important to talk to your doctor or another professional on the same team!

Your doctor will check your viral load within one month of starting treatment.

If all is well, again at three and six months after starting treatment.

If the viral load drops after four weeks after starting ART.

This indicates that it is possible to reach the point of having an undetectable viral load.

I, Cláudio, never had these difficulties. A Spartan discipline in my life, I've traveled 180 kilometers back and forth to get medicine!

Achieving viral load with this first combination of anti-HIV drugs guarantees us a long shot in therapeutical terms. 

I stayed for 12 years with only one scheme.

When it was changed, it happened purely and simply for greater comfort. And note:

If for some reason I had problems with this antiretroviral therapy, I could return to the previous regimen.

There is life with HIV. But this is not a walk to the square!

It is important that you understand two things:

Undetectable viral load is not a cure! It will open in another tab

And your HIV test will not give you no reagent after your exam is undetectable! Your test looks for antibodies

And I find it interesting that you think about it, my illustrious reader:

I had a great friend. Amaryllis. She told me she opened the wedding, saying this, as she told me:

- "Listen to me": I'm not stupid. I know what men are like and all I ask is that when you are with someone else somewhere, protect yourself. Don't bring HIV into our lives ”


And Mané was unable to do the simple. Amarílis lost her life in 2003/2004, due to complications with a non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

And we were all scared and stunned.

Her viral load was undetectable!

She was a great friend and treated me with a unique dignity when I tried to take my own life in 2002. 

The path for me was not this beautiful track with a concrete floor.

Like this:

The goal of HIV treatment is an undetectable viral load. 

Everything will be fine if your viral load has dropped to undetectable levels in three to six months. If not, your doctor will talk to you about possible reasons for this and discuss what to do next.

Undetectable Viral Load Test is your grail

Once you have an undetectable viral load, your viral load will be monitored every three to four months.

If you have had an undetectable viral load for some time and are doing well with your treatment, your doctor may offer the option of measuring your viral load every six months or every year.
All viral load tests have a cut-off point below which they cannot safely detect HIV. This is called the detection limit. When your viral load is below the level of the specific test being used, it is considered undetectable.
But if you do a test with greater sensitivity, depending on this level, your viral load may not be undetectable.

I would feel very uncomfortable in the midst of this paradox and it is from this paradox that my care and warnings are spread, spread in almost all the posts that talk about "I = I"!

The Acuity of the Test and the Undetectable is equal to Non Transmitter

If the viral load is undetectable in 40, as it is in Brazil and 26 in an exam of greater accuracy, where does the safety lie?

The most common tests can have a lower detection limit of 20 40 or 50 copies / ml. In some countries, the lower limit of detection for the test may be 200 copies / ml.

In the research that showed that “undetectable = non-transferable”, the threshold used was 200 copies / ml. If you maintained a viral load below 50 copies / ml for at least six months and continues to have good adhesion, there is no risk of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner.

The way in which test results are reported can vary. The viral load teststhey can offer results such as “<20”, “<50”, “not detectable”, “not detected” (ND), “target not detected” (TND), “below the detection limit” or “zero”. And it may not be zero but yes. 

You can infect a person. The condom avoids this and many other things. Syphilis, for example

Hidden, not escaped. He's there, lurking

Paser of the HIV level being so low to be measured, the HIV not from your body.

It may still be present in the blood, but in quantities too low to be measured. Viral load tests only measure HIV levels in the blood, which may be different from the viral load in other parts of the body, for example, in genital fluids, in the intestine or lymph nodes.

😤😡This excerpt from the text that talks about potential differences between viral load in blood and genital fluids makes me classify the statement by scientists about undetectable viral load as non-transferable as reckless! With Temer's forgiveness 😡😤

Why it is good to have an undetectable viral load

Having an undetectable viral load is important for several reasons. First of all, because your immune system is able to recover and get stronger, it means that you have a very low risk of becoming ill because of HIV. 

It also reduces the risk of developing other serious illnesses. There is evidence that the presence of HIV (especially a higher viral load) may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (diseases such as heart disease and strokes).

Second, having an undetectable viral load means that the risk of HIV becoming resistant to the anti-HIV drugs you are taking is small.

That's why you need to take your medication "that way".

Finally, having an undetectable viral load means that you you may not be able to not transmit HIV during sex.

A voice in the crowd: the difference between the optimist and the pessimist is the exponentially more level of knowledge.

And it's really, really, really, really sad to meet my heroes And it congratulates me to know that each person I see and understand as reasonable agrees with me. Living with an undetectable viral load and not using a condom can have bad consequences.

Furthermore, it is a very high responsibility to assume. Have you ever thought about it?

However, although I consider it to be an inadequate statement, I do not agree.

For me, this is a very blurred area, I defend, today, tomorrow, your right to espouse and propagate these EHowever, however, however, I reserve the right to express my doubts and fears with the same energy, going beyond death, if necessary!

Detectable viral load if you are under HIV treatment

Reaching undetectable levels within three to six months, your doctor will talk to you about your current treatment.

They can ask you some detailed questions about how and when you take your anti-HIV drugs.

And if you took other medications - including prescription drugs, over-the-counter, herbal or recreational drugs concurrently.

This is because a lack of regular treatment or interaction with other medications can make the levels of anti-HIV medications in your body too low for work.

A brief look at genotyping.

You can have a blood test to check the level of anti-HIV medications in your blood and to see if your HIV has developed resistance to any medications. that is why genotyping is done.

What is the genotyping test for?

What is genotyping for HIV and what is it for? "THE genotyping is a the which informs the genetic code of the virus. Then it is possible to compare the genome with which the person is infected with what is considered 'wild', that is, that it does not have mutations that resist antiretrovirals.13 Jun. of 2016

- Genotyping Source HIV: What is it for? - Viva Cazuza

May Be a Sign of the Need for Change in ART

Then they will discuss the options with you. This may involve changing your anti-HIV drugs to find a combination that works for you.

Having a detectable viral load during HIV treatment can mean that your HIV can become resistant not only to the anti-HIV drugs you are taking, but also to other similar anti-HIV drugs.

So many things cause “nausea”, enlarged or painful nodes, the so-called reactive lymph nodes".

If you are taking HIV treatment and have an undetectable viral load and you have a test that shows a detectable viral load, you will need to do another test to confirm the result. It may just be what is called a 'blip' viral load.

If further tests still show that your viral load has become detectable again, you will likely need to change your treatment for HIV. Your doctor will discuss your options with you.

Viral Blipe - “The little jump of the seismograph”!

People with an undetectable viral load sometimes experience what is called a 'blipe' on their viral load. Your viral load increases from undetectable to a low, but detectable level before it becomes undetectable again in the next test.

Viral load blips do not necessarily show that your HIV treatment is no longer working. There are several theories about the reasons for blipes. This includes variations in laboratory processes or infection such as a cold or flu.

If your viral load remains above detectable in two consecutive tests, or possibly if you have very frequent blipes, your doctor will discuss the possible causes and whether you need to change your treatment.

Viral load and sexual transmission of HIV

If you have a high viral load in your blood, you may also have a high viral load in other body fluids, including semen or vaginal fluid. In the first few weeks after contracting HIV, the viral load is usually extremely high. People with high viral loads are more infectious and can transmit HIV more easily. On the other hand, if HIV in your blood is undetectable, it is likely (…) that is undetectable in your semen, fluid from the vagina or rectum as well.

Having an undetectable viral load means that you will not transmit HIV during sex.

In 2011, a large scientific study found that HIV treatment reduces the risk of HIV transmission to a common heterosexual partner by 96%. The only reason it was not 100% is that one person in the study acquired HIV, but that was only a few days before or after the partner started treatment.

What a beautiful phrase. It is to mention the future of the past as certainty!

I walked so much in this maze of hypotheses that I learned to stay at a distance from him. It is a minefield and each expired mine can take you face to face with clear glass. A little step back please!

Partner Studies

The final results of the studies PARTNER 1 e PARTNER 2 were announced in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Between the two, they recruited 972 gay couples and 516 heterosexual couples, in which one partner had HIV and the other did not. Throughout the study, gay couples had 77.000 acts of penetrating sex without a condom and heterosexual couples 36.000 acts. 

PARTNER studies did not find a single HIV transmission from an HIV positive partner who had an undetectable viral load (below 200 copies / ml).

In 2017, a similar study exclusively of 343 gay couples, Opposites Attract, also found no partner transmissions with undetectable viral load in 17.000 acts of anal sex without a condom.

Many people with HIV go so far as not to be infectious and the relief associated with anxiety about transmission as very important benefits of HIV treatment. You can consider your viral load and likely infectiousness when thinking about safe sex.


If you want to stop using condoms, it is important to wait six months after your first undetectable viral load test to ensure that the treatment is working. It is also important to discuss this issue carefully with your partners and ensure that they are also comfortable with the decision. Explaining what an undetectable viral load means can reduce the anxiety of HIV-negative partners about HIV transmission, but this information may be new to them. 

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Although HIV treatment and an undetectable viral load protect your partners from HIV, they do not protect you or you from others. sexually transmitted infections (STDs). In addition, in some countries, sex without a condom and without revealing your HIV status is a criminal offense, regardless of the likelihood of HIV transmission. If you are using HIV treatment to prevent sexual transmission, the so-called TasP (Treatment as Prevention) is recommended to be checked more often (every three to four months) than could be the case. This is to check if your viral load is still undetectable.

Analyzing CD4 and viral load together

If you are not currently on HIV treatment, analyzing your viral load and CD4 cell count can help predict your risk of becoming ill from HIV in the future. Although the CD4 count is the primary indicator used by your doctor to help monitor the health of your immune system, the viral load test can also provide important information.

It follows after the call of the article below.


Among people with the same CD4 cell count, research has shown that those with a higher viral load tend to develop symptoms and develop opportunistic diseasess more quickly than those with less viral load.

In addition, among people with the same viral load, those with fewer CD4 cells tend to get sick more quickly.

CD4 cell count is very important within this context

Internal Links In This Text

  • More about the importance of test your viral load! When our viral load is assessed, doctors and you know better whether the treatment is giving good results or not. It takes discipline to maintain the treatment, and there are many Apps that can help you with that. I use MedSafe. I do not establish a link, because I considered it better that way.
  • Because, testing  the CD4 count in your bloodstream we will know how susceptible to other inconveniences you can avoid with simple chemoprophylaxis.

Talking about your viral load is always very important:

And the sooner you test yourself, the better chances you will have of not developing AIDS! Although a person who was and was considered a person with AIDS (me, for example) it will always be possible to live a long life with AIDS! Having a long life with AIDS is much more possible than being one more, the eighteenth, for example, than being one more among those who dodged the HIV!

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