There is life with HIV

I'm HIV positive! I'm Living With HIV! And now? What do I do?

Doubt, for many, is atrocious! What to do, now, "that my world has fallen" !?

I'm HIV positive!

And now, my God!

Be diagnosed with HIV, or AIDS, it's a big shock. This can lead us to revisit many questions about sex, sexuality and our well-being, which we might think we have been dealing with for a long time. 

Meu Deus, estou com HIV! E agora
But you see, I was afraid too! And very, very, very afraid indeed. Discovering my seropositivity and understanding that they had transmuted the word seropositive into death, and that this was a lie, took time, fear, and for a long time I administered oxygen in a submarine sunk in the Maryannas Fossa, with the aegis: Seropositive. Click on the image, it opens another part of my life in another tab

This guide is intended for someone who has recently been diagnosed - and was written by someone who has already walked this path, having been diagnosed with HIV in 2018. However, I couldn't help but make my personal insertions, considering the great complication that was my experience with HIV, since a time when treatment… Well, we did a follow-up, a search for improvement combating other things, because, for us, there was still no way to get HIV by the collar, look at the face him and cover him with punches!

Pasting Vinícius de Moraes here, “capoeira is good, it doesn't fall”!

In this way he and I provide some tips advice that can help overcome that difficult initial period with less trauma and less stress.

The good news is on the other side of the wall that looms before you, the starting point of this his post-diagnosis journey. Yes, there are millions of people with HIV around the world who are living happy and fulfilling lives. For them, and soon for you, HIV becomes another part of the scene, this opera called Vida! And, repetitiveness or not, I insist:

Being Seropositive Is Living in a choreography for life, you dance (fight) for Life

It is possible to live and be happy, even though we are living with HIV, and it will never be more or less important than what they want it to be in their lives.

Do not be deceived. The path is complicated, arduous and often extremely lonely. But, if you can have some faith in God, report, without fear of making mistakes, that God also trusts you, or he would not give you this journey. And if you don't believe in god, patience! He still believes in you

Here are some first steps, offered in the hope of taking you from today's challenges to a more peaceful and happy future.

Living with HIV: First steps to life as HIV positive


Preserving Your Mental Health Steps after HIV diagnosis 

Finding out that you are living with HIV is a medical diagnosis, but it is also much more than a medical diagnosis. In my case, I almost went crazy with fear!

It was 1994, and everything, like the life of an HIV positive person, was diametrically different!

There was nothing like "treatment".

Being HIV positive meant, in my case, going weekly to the CRT-A clinic, still on Rua Antônio Carlos.

It was knowing how much I had gotten worse! One of the friends I made there. and then I lost sight of it, it was the social worker Analice. Analice helped me with social issues. Yes, there are many social hinderers.

But, Analice was a Social Worker. And a time when people with AIDS “died like flies” she helped me to withdraw my guarantee fund, with which I acquired my first computer with Windows 3.11.

As long as I have an arm, an eye and a functioning brain, even if precariously

Now that HIV treatment works so well, the biggest fight for someone newly diagnosed is, most likely, the fight to maintain mental health. That's why this topic is covered first.

You must address the medical side immediately (see the next section), but, at the same time, prioritize some concrete steps to deal with the emotional side:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Tell someone.
  3. Talk to others with HIV.
  4. Consider therapy.
  5. Sleep.
  6. To meditate.
  7. Fight the internal critic.
  8. Keep sex positive.
  9. Exercise.

Living with HIV, Being HIV Positive, Maintaining and Preserving Your Mental Health: 

This is me! Over time, living with or without HIV ..

Often unhappy and afraid;

The name of this is life. Remember, you only live one day at a time, and nothing can do that differently! Not even the traitors of yore

Breathe. Take a deep breath. But breathe calmly, evenly. Whoever controls your breathing controls your body, your life, your destiny!

Breathe and think: I'm ok! And I'll be fine!

Get back to that concept, again and again. Why? Because it's true. Would you have wanted the current situation? It's not easy? No. Is it reasonable to be in turmoil? Yes.

BUT: is your medical prognosis good? Absolutely! Will you get over it and be okay? YES!

Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one hour at a time. Breathe. There is no need to deal with everything at once. But take a few small steps.

Congratulate yourself on winning these stages as if you were celebrating a goal you scored!

The only non-negotiable thing is to get treatment. Although I respect certain positions, I fear certain consequences!


The immune system, with its memory cells, so talked about in the days of COVID-19, is like soldiers of elite troops with certain specializations. See, we have troops specialized in demolitions, but we also have anti-bomb squads! Otherwise, we have soldiers specialized in the use of bazookas, to face certain armored vehicles, as well as others, specialized in “surface-to-air” combat. Going further, we have those who deal with incendiary bombs, underwater assault, etc.

These soldiers fromsend training time, cost of training materials, involve many aspects, and one of the most important is exactly this:


In this fight there is no time to lose and allowing a drop in the CD4 count implies running the risk of losing one of these “teams”, troops, specialized groups, after being lost, well, it is not always possible to recreate them! Like this…

Otherwise, you can follow these steps gradually. This is a big change and you take some time to integrate it into their self-image in a positive way. Don't be in a hurry, but encourage and celebrate small advances in your thinking about HIV.

Keep in mind that you are living in the second decade of the XNUMXst century and, hopefully, this is considerably better than this one in the [last decade of the XNUMXth century, although life with HIV is not easy at all!

And in everything, within our lives, there is a natural formula for life.

One day at a time. As Lao Tzu teaches, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step

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