There is life with HIV

Cure of AIDS! Finally Discovery (a publishing dream)

I wish I could publish it as the truth!

Cure of AIDS! To publicize it would be the consecration of my work

Tive been a dark night. I'm starting to think that cigarettes don't go with many things... especially oxygen and lungs.

But it was quite fruitful to think about.

I remember one day I told a friend in this room that I didn't think or dream of healing. It might even be true; but I changed my mind. I do think about healing! As a caged bird thinks of freedom, I think of healing. Why not? Why is it seemingly impossible? Very weak reason. I have a habit of wanting just what I can't have. Healthy habit according to some; according to others, mania.

Well then, I'm a maniac. And, like a maniac, a dreamer.

Then, with nothing to do but cough and think, I dreamed. Thus:

Today, May 18 in the year of the Lord's grace 2000, manchete, surprising, in all the newspapers.



And, below that, an entire page describing the scientist. The illustrious Vladimir de Souza Struvensko Giannetti Müller de Oliveira Chevalier. An apparently distracted man, unable to take 30 steps without tripping over his own feet, who is always apologizing, arriving late, forgetting his glasses and wallet, who doesn't pay his card bills on time and who never got married because he always forgets , the new girlfriend's phone… a good man, but a fool. Humbly, he informs that, in fact, he received the tip of a possible cure from a shaman of the Coluca-Luca tribe, in the interior of a tropical jungle. 

The Thing and the Scientists

The thing(…) was based on vegetables. As well as yams, potatoes and some very weird mushrooms, the kind that make you think you're Spiderman or Lois Lane. The cost? Very low. The facility to produce? Indescribable. Has anyone made tea? Well then!... 

Of course, on the same day, TV stations wouldn't talk about anything else. That, at least, until ten in the morning, when the representative of science would be considered orthodox, began to manifest themselves. They would say that everything is still too premature. That five hundred and thirty-two cases of cure did not prove anything, that there is still a lot to be researched, that dreamy expectations have not yet been created.

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Serious Scientists

Investment in the Search for the Cure of AIDS Needs to be Recovered

AIn the end, they would write, we've invested(…) millions of dollars in it and we haven't achieved anything yet, it can't be that simple.


The rush to the grocery store and pastures would become an insane thing. I see people bringing cows home and treating them like family members.

It would then be called the Police, the Army, the Gestapo, the SS's, the CIA, the FBI (all things coming from the same mill, if you understand me…) but, it wouldn't do any good.

Day after day the news is spreading, people saving themselves, while they think they are Peter Park (there would be, these days, many bruises, of all sorts); serious scientists would be furious.

AIDS Cure – For Everyone, Not Just for Those Who Haven't Lived a “Worldly Life” – A Cynicism That Revolts Me!


Their bad luck. 

What would really matter would be the feeling that more than 120 million people would have to have been freed from this terrible burden, from this seemingly indelible mark of HIV seropositivity.

There would be no more pain.

There would be no more toxoplasmosis

There would be no more Kaposi's sarcomas

There would be no more pneumocystosis.

There would be no more chronic pneumonias

There would be no more stomach cytomegaloviruses there would be no

There would be no more cytomegalovirus retinitis

there would be no more blindness

There would be no more chemical dependency

there would be no more doubt

There would be no more certainty (is there that?)

there would be no more fear

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Missing Oxygen. Know How It Is!

End of Medical Monthly with the Cure of AIDS! COVID-19 Decrees What's New A Normal? Relative Normality?

And life would go back to the way it was.

What was life like before? I almost don't remember anymore. 

But I have a vague feeling that it was something like not being afraid to have sex with that pretty brunette who passed by (insinuating herself romantically to someone) yesterday afternoon there on that street.

That medical monthly fee, for example, would end


Because, in my opinion, visiting doctors every 30 days, facing thirty to forty pills a day and living in open combat with your stomach, syringes and more syringes of Clexane is something that, so to speak, is more than just the account can! But that's just an impression. I'm not really sure.


What I'm sure is that I dreamed about it, tonight, and that it was a very nice dream, that it even made me sleep…


About 4 hours maybe. But for those who never sleep at all, 4 hours is a rare gift, and I thank God for this toast, as someone who would thank you for the diligent attention paid to an old Page, who knew nothing about molecules, transcriptase and proteases; but that he had with him the wisdom of the simple, who want nothing and solve everything, like those pharmacopoeias sold in a kind of mambembe, in the old west.

9: 49.

Time to wake up, go to the bank, face the mustache and its interest rates.

Let's get back to reality. And the reality is simple: There is Life WITH HIV

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